Friday, 8 February 2008

my life would be better if I cooked more, apparently

My Fortune Cookie told me:
You may become more amusing by trimming the edges off your teaspoons.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune

Oh, good lord. I knew that.


Molly said...


Suzanne said...

Did you add the "in bed" part?

Vanessa said...

Mind flayer stocks will rise early next Thursday, as investors welcome gains the day before.

That was mine. I'm with Molly, WHAT???

a. beaverhausen said...

Cooking more couldn't help me at all. I would demand another fortune. Pronto!

meggie said...

Hmmph! Mine was so insulting I wont repeat it!!

angelfeet said...


Angewl said...

"You are destined to lead a religious cult full of people who paint their faces purple."

Alrighty then.... lol

Joke said...

HOW does one trim one's spoons' edges?