Friday, 15 February 2008

the guilt monther ith here

Rosey pell-melled it up the first two stairs and slipped, knocked her face into the step and burst out crying. Blood everywhere.

I was busy with the wet washcloth and the ice cubes and trying to figure out where (all) the blood was coming from, wiping the blood off her teeth, etc. Verdict: small cut in mouth. Everything else: okay.

She wailed for a bit then abruptly fell asleep in the chair, still sucking on her freezie.*

But when she woke up, one of her teeth? G-O-N-E.

I freaked out. There is no prettier way to put it. Faced with a sudden hole in my daughters face, I called both the dentist and the doctor. (Of course, both weren't answering. I had to freak out all by myself.)

Ookay. Obviously backup wasn't an option. Get ahold of yourself.

I checked her mouth. Although she wasn't letting me touch her other teeth, the empty socket (mocking me - what sort of mother lets their daughter lose a tooth and doesn't notice?) was tidy and wasn't bleeding. Her mouth also wasn't bleeding anymore.

So - nothing swollen. Nothing bleeding. Nothing....nothing the doctor was going to be able to do.

Crap. So this was all my decision. It was my call.

So Rosey will go in to the dentist Monday for a check-up and x rays, and if she doesn't open her mouth voluntarily this time? I'm going to have to make her.

Y'know. Because the guilt levels aren't high enough yet.

NOW I have to gloss over the fact that the tooth fairy will be bringing money for a tooth that isn't physically available to her. (Or that anyone would possibly want, once it becomes available...if you catch my meaning.)

'The tooth fairy celebrates ALL teeth, Rosey-Posey. Even the ones she doesn't...have.'

And won't be actively seeking out, believe me.

*Tip I picked up in the OPD - Freezies, while still in their wrappers? Lovely size to put on almost any cut, even inside the mouth. C's school uses frozen yogurt tubes on all bumps and scrapes.


DD said...

The second tooth my son lost? Umm, yeah, we have no idea if he swallowed it or if I ended up vacuuming it up during one of the rare moments I clean. But those damn things are way smaller than I imagined! Our cat had bigger teeth.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Poor little thing (and poor mommy). She'll be toofwess for awhile, I think.

When Sport lost his first tooth, he swallowed it with a bite of pizza. Needless to say, I didn't check for it to come back out again either. The Tooth Fairy left him a toonie anyway. :)

Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Poor you! (And and poor her too.)

Just do what Charlie and Lola on tv did when Lola lost her tooth. She had really happy dreams and smiled and that proved to the tooth fairy that she really did honestly lose her tooth.

My God, I know that episode way, way too well.

Vanessa said...

Poor kiddo! Poor Mom! Hopefully the dentist goes smoothly.

blackbird said...

Oh the things we torture ourselves with...

Sarah O. said...

Oh my. My daughter swallowed at least two baby teeth. Maybe more, I lost count. Also, she once fell running downhill on a sidewalk and scraped the entire left side of her face. The stares I got in the supermarket!

I got over all the guilt.

Take care!

Cat, Galloping said...

as long as you didn't push her, i don't see what you have to feel guilty about.

also, ewww.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Oh, poor, poor Rosey!

Isn't it incredibly good planning that children get a starter set of teeth before they can be trusted with permanent ones?

That tooth fairy better come across big time because, well, we know that tooth is... somewhere.

M&Co. said...

You know, I'd almost be willing to bet Rosey will forget this incident. It will forever be seared into your mind. I feel your pain.


Stomper Girl said...

Oh poor Rosey! At least she can look like her big brother now.

jAMiE said...

Awwww, poor little thing...and Rosey too...i hope you both are feeling better. Good luck on Monday, be sure to let us know how you make out, k.

angelfeet said...

Oh no! Poor Rosey and Mommy.

imaginary binky said...

Those are the days when it's good that kid teeth come with a spare. If only we were like sharks...

Jeanne said...

My fourth lost one of his upper front teeth when he was three. He was at the park with his older siblings, who brought him back sobbing, and bleeding because he has fallen off the slide. We discovered he had lost his tooth. I DID manage to get an appointment to see a dentist, but there was nothing to be done, and the tooth? Well, try finding a tiny white tooth in white snow... I didn't even bother. The tooth fairy came anyway.