Sunday, 10 February 2008

the weekend

Cass came home Friday waving a cardboard cutout of a red apple. On it was printed 'Cass lost a tooth today!' and there, barely visible under a wad of scotch tape, it was. His third tooth, and his first top one.

He looks cute with the gap. And the slight sibilance? Funny.

His left front tooth (the one still hanging in there) has been teasing him for awhile - it got loose, then tightened up again...then again...and now it's just a tad wiggly.

The tooth fairy visited that night, and left him two shiny toonies. (And now the tooth lives in my keepsake box, buried under about six layers of stuff, invisible to the boyish eye.)

That was a happy thing. Add to that he had a really good playdate with M*, and went to a wild, pinata bashing toy-gun boy-tag-team birthday party for a classmate on Saturday, and The Boy? Had a terrific weekend.

On Saturday, the Sears fairies delivered a spankin' brand new mattress and box springs.
If anyone wants me, I'll be in bed. With my new pink sheets. And rosebud pillows. Hell, I may never come out. B looks cute in there, if a trifle uncomfortable. (Sorry, honey. They were pretty.)

In order to get the cushy bed up the narrow stairs, B had to take the banister off. When the delivery men came, they (accidentally) kicked all his carefully laid out spindles, and now we're trying to figure out where in hell all these darned things go so we can put the banister back on.

This morning there was news that human remains have been found in an overgrown parking lot near the river. While the police will say that the remains are of a young, caucasian female, they will not release her identity until after the autopsy, which is expected Wednesday.

Rumours are flying. That poor, poor family.


*M's mom helped Cass learn to love skating again. We're big fans.


Vanessa said...

Even though its not likely I'm holding out hope they will still find that little girl alive. Maybe we will all be surprised...I hope.

meggie said...

o, I cannot imagine the anguish of someone waiting for news of a missing loved one.

So happy to read of Cass's newly discovered love of skating.

Ree said...

Toothless little boys are so sweet. ;-)

As for that girl's family - my prayers to them

charm said...

I have a toothless boy too , angus has a big gap and it is too cute,he has another one just hanging..Abel on the other had has never lost one on his own, at the age of 8 had to have his first ones pulled..:(

Bec and Call said...

A manly man can totally overcome the disadvantage of floral sheets - be sure to tell him I said so...

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

My seven year old has two wiggly upper teeth. There's just something about losing the top teeth that signals the end of being a little kid.

Stomper Girl said...

I thought all kids looked a bot gormless when they lost their front teeth but then mine lost his and I realised that actually, they look adorable.

My manly man looks cute in my girly sheets too!