Friday, 22 February 2008

improbable solace


I go home at night, turn on the computer, read (cough) too many excellent blogs, then blank out. Stare at the page while the things I thought I'd write about shriek through my head and dissipate like tissue paper in a rainstorm.

(And the white blogger screen? It doesn't give me hints. Damn it.)

I get distracted by everything else. The kids, the mechanics of feeding and bathing them, the news of the day. The inquisitive and insistent wet nose of the dog. (Walk? Pet? Slobber?)

I do better writing after they've shuffled off to Buffalo and the house is quieter.

How strange, then, that today, while I'm working, I want to stare at the whiteness of the screen and then cover it with words.

The department I'm in today is tucked into an alcove between the emergency room and the main lobby - a peaceful oasis between two drama-filled areas. The acoustics are nice, and it's possible to both pay attention to what's going on around me and to center in on myself.

Maybe it's the dog's fault this never happens at home.


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Yeah, blame it on the dog.

Dawn said...

That sounds lovely.

imaginary binky said...

Perhaps the busy part of your life inspires the mind to whirl. I know I would have adrenaline pumping if an emergency room were nearby.

Lovely blog!

Vanessa said...

I'm envious of your spot/state of being, it sounds wonderful.

Suzanne said...

Ummm, I have a running word file of topics to use as inspiration when the wellspring in the head runs dry. I haven't had to tap it too often.

Another blogger keeps hers in her Blogger entries. She just keeps it in draft at all times. (except for a few minutes one day.)

Molly said...

It's tough to focus when you're being slobbered on!

ZOLOFT MOM said...

I'm totally jealous. I remember a day when I had my thoughts to myself...sigh.