Sunday, 20 January 2008

can you fix her, Mama?

Rosey loves her dolls. Assorted dolls of all shapes and fabrics line the house. Several sleep in her bed while others rest in tableaus around the room. One is sharing the couch with Bear right now, left to keep him company while he watches tv, and I had to trek out to the car tonight to retrieve one we'd left strapped in Cass's car seat.

This interest in her little persons is sweet, especially since she's recently discovered they can leave their clothes on, and we all happily listen while she tells us about dolly's day or prattles on about boots and hair ribbons and if Ally needs a diaper change or not.

Unfortunately, this also puts me in the exalted position of The Fixer.

'Mama, can you put her shoes on? Where is Bigbee's* sweater? Have you seen Nina's romper?'

Then, today, we hit the big time.

'Mama, can you brush Strawberry's hair?'

oh no.

Strawberry smiled at me, her hair in two enormous plaits, looking like an afro gone wild.

So, I cut the bands out of her hair, swirled her around in the bath-tub, and brushed Strawberry's hair. She still looked like a Big Haired Beauty Contestant, but it was a little more manageable.

So I did what every other person does in this day and age. I went on the internet.

And just in case you have dolls and hairstyling woes, I present to you:

Hair Rescue!

I'm going to try soaking her head in fabric softener tomorrow. 'Cause I'm the Mama, and I can fix things. Or at least find out how it's done.

*We're assuming this is a contraction of Big Boy, the doll's original name.


Vanessa said...

YOU are a very good Mom! My mother did nothing of the sort for me, ok, well maybe once, but then it was, "nope I already brushed her hair, its your job now sweetie!"

You're little girl will remember this one day, and thank you!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

This is such a fun age. I cannot even begin to estimate how much time I've spend brushing and styling doll hair in the past few years.

Sarah O. said...

Isn't it amazing what you can find on the internet? And how did we live before the internet?

Loth said...

See, this just confirms that it's a good job I only have boys. They only need me to get really tricky bits of Lego apart. Action Man and Dr Who figures don't have hair, thank goodness.

Jenty said...

Holy moly, I am glad I have boys now!! I would not have the patience for all that!

Jeanne said...

Interesting. I always just shampooed them and used conditioner and that worked too, didn't know about fabric softener

Angewl said...

I was told to use fabric softener to get the knots out of the pets hair. never tried it though.

I LOVE that S is so into all this girly stuff. Pink, dolls, Barbie's, princesses... LOVE IT.