Thursday, 24 January 2008

oh the interesting things you can find on the mothership**

Because - admit it - we all just wanna be big rock stars...

The ROCK STAR meme...

1. Click here.
The first article title on this page is your band name.

2. Click here.
The very last four words of the last quotation are your album title.

3. Click here.
The third picture, no matter what it is, is your album cover.

Add your name and album title to the picture and post!

Ready? Rock on!

Autograph signings to be announced at a later date.

**Postcards, all kinds of good stuff

(Oh, and I forgot to check who this photo was by before I clicked out, so I can't give credit. Isn't it splendid toast, though?)


Vanessa said...

I'd love an adorable pancreas, but for all I know I already have one! Too fun, thanks.

Sarah O. said...

Band name: Macellum Liviae

Album title: Eye of the beholder

Album cover: Can't show it here, but it's GORGEOUS.

This is fun!

DaniGirl said...

Love it!!! So glad you played along! (And thanks for the compliment, too!)

Major Bedhead said...

If I could figure out how to get the words to appear over my picture, I'd do this, too. Alas, I am inept.

Jenty said...

Oh I love yours!! Mine is here...

a beaverhausen said...

Suddenly...I've got a craving for toast.

Sharon said...

Vasireddy Clan

"Speech Worth Listening To"

and a really COOL photo of some kind of ethnic dancers.

Actually, that sounds like an album I'd buy.

Stomper Girl said...

Sortland, you rock. You and your adorable pancreas.