Thursday, 17 January 2008

oh noes

Cass thinks the cheezburger site is hilarious.

I love that his humour is developing, that his grasp of what's funny (or his version of what's funny, whatever) is changing and growing....

but I'm not thrilled about the language.

Moms! He shouted down the stairs. I's takin a shower, 'kay?

'WHAT?' I bellowed back.

I is takin.....oh never mind. I'm getting in the tub, okay?

'Okay, honey. Sorry, for a minute there I thought you were a talking cat.'

Oh. Cool! Really?

'Yeah. I was about to call the circus.'


'I was going to call the.....why am I yelling up the stairs?'

Aw, Mommy. You wuves your lolcat.

Not as much as I loves the circus and all the money I'll be making. Get in the shower, Cassidy, and stop making my language-loving heart bleed.'

I now understand how much my parents must have hated it when I flounced around saying things like 'I am so sure' and 'Whatev...'

Sorry, Dad. I promise to never say 'I puked my guts out' again. Ever.
Cross my little LOLcat heart.


Vanessa said...

I am rolling on the floor laughing over here! My S.O. thinks 'whatev" is now the coolest phrase. He is somewhat of a geek and often behind the times of what's cool, hip, trendy, in, you get the idea. I'm trying to convince him he makes himself sound 20 years older than he really is and he thinks I'm just making fun of him because I didn't happen on that one first. Pfft, yeah, whatEVER!!!

Sarah O. said...

My son introduced me to I Can Has Cheezburger, which he loves despite being a cat hater. Now I check the site almost as often as I check Perez Hilton.

meggie said...

Love this post!!

Loth said...

My two are hooked on lolcats too. Now my carefully prepared home-cooked food is greeted with "DO. NOT. WANT!!!"

Lala said...

*sings* what goes around comes around,comes around, comes around whooohoooo

ok, picture JT singing it then....

Beagle said...

Just another reason why kids are a necessity . . . how else will I ever learn the new cool words . . . like for example which word has replaced "cool?"

a beaverhausen said...

Headed over to Cheezburger right now.

Anonymous said...

That's what parents live for. When their grandbabies dish out the kind of stuff their own kids did.
The parents curse: I hope you have kids exactly like you!

Stomper Girl said...

*whispers* err... i don't actually know..get the cheezburger shtick.

It's a sign of old age, isn't it?