Sunday, 6 January 2008

chips and cheese redux

Thank you all for your comments about Cass and skating. I wanted to bring you up to speed:

His next skating outing is a week from Friday, not Friday. I was talking to one of the moms from his school and she set me straight. So I have a bit more time. (mu-ha-ha-ha!)

I don't skate, so I'm not a heck of a lot of help. I can, though, watch hockey reasonably well and not mix up whose goal is where, so he and I will be watching some games this week.

And we saw a commercial for Hockey Tonight and many players fell down and he noticed.

So there's hope yet.

I need to talk to a few local people (ahem, Crystell?) about where in hell people go around here to learn hockey skating. This cannot be just something fathers pass down to sons. (Because B doesn't skate either, so in that case C is screwed.) The lessons he took were just general ice skating.

(This is another post, but now I've had several people tell me that Rosey will be falling behind her peers if I don't get her ice skating by next winter. Visions of tulle, sequins and long, dozy car trips are filling my head. Argh.)

And B and I talked about it - Cass loves soccer and has also expressed interest in doing some sort of jujitsu/karate training, so if he really hates skating, we'll follow those avenues. (And he can be the kid that snowboards while everyone else is playing ice hockey.)

But yeah. Canadian child who doesn't like skating. I'll bet it's that Yank mother of his and her corrupting influence.


Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh.

I'll be biting your 25 things post.

Loth said...

If it's any comfort, we are a Scottish family who don't like football (the soccer kind, not that weird North American version). That's verging on treason over here!

Sarah Louise said...

Neither you or Bear skate? Oh I may have to revoke that "friends" thing we have going...Just kidding.

Sounds like you're going in the right direction--if he really doesn't like it, that's fine. And as far as "late bloomers" go in the skating world, go watch "Ice Princess," a lovely movie on how it's never too late to pursue your dreams of becoming the next Dorothy Hammill.

hey, I'm a Pittsburgher that doesn't understand/watch football, so that's even worse actually I think than a Canadian non-ice skater.

Anonymous said...

We cut our teeth on hockey pucks here, eh? While Dad was hosing the back yard to make a rink. It was free fun and kept us out of Ma's hair all day.

Major Bedhead said...

I think they can revoke your Canadian citizenship if you don't skate, you know.

Jeanne said...

I don't ask that my kids skate like superstars or even like hockey players... I just ask that they try and have some fun. I think it is a shame not to take advantage of beautiful ice when it presents itself. (If only the weather would cooperate so we can skate on our pond again!!!)

That said, I do not like hockey and my kids are all into soccer and none of them will likely ever play hockey.

Do not worry about your kids falling behind, my kids are ALL behind when it comes to skating. And we are 100% canadian (well, excepting a little bit of Paraguayan thrown in - which doesn't count much culturally, nor in ability to skate.)