Thursday, 31 January 2008

spilt milk

We were halfway through supper (B's yummy pan-fried haddock) tonight when Jasper oozed by us and nonchalantly ambled into the pantry, walking slowly and unobtrusively, intent. Distant crunching noises and a happily wagging tail whomping against the wall (Nothing to see here, folks! Just a Good Dog! Look away!) alerted us that he had his head in the dog food bag again, and R was sent to roust him out. R came back to the table wiping her fingers on her napkin.

Mama, Jasper's sticky.
No, sticky.

So when the chocolate brown dog disappointedly kerflopped down near the table we all had a look. He looked fine. A bit disgruntled at being caught stuffing his face...his face...his face?

Jasper never had a white eyebrow before. Or a white streak on his side. This was bad.

I looked at B. 'Glue?'
He shrugged unhappily. 'Maybe, although the only thing I can think of that's in the pantry that it could be is..
'Paint' I breathed, and sprinted for the door.

Oh God no.

At least half a gallon of bright white acrylic flat base coat was puddled on the floor. While the middle was gooey liquid, the edges were hardened and tacky.

It took me most of an hour to clean it up. At least it came up.

Now, does anyone know how to get paint off a dog?

Jasper says: I like the Groucho Marx look. Now feed me.


Anonymous said...

Why is it that we love critters so much that will:
-roll in dead things
-eat turds
-keep investigating porcupines
-eat paint
I know. It's because they are always so delighted to see us.

Vanessa said...

is it water based or oil based paint? And how can they be so blissfully ignorant when they have screwed up like this? Mine do the same thing, one brought me a mouthful of washclothes today from the laundry basket. (shake head) who knows?

jAMiE said...

Oh what a beautiful dog..i had a chocolate lab too once, named Bailey...he looks so devilishly handsome...i hope you figure out how to get it off.

Loth said...

I quite like the white eyebrow. Gives him a certain gravitas.

Canada said...

It'll wear off. And in the meantime, he looks adorable and mischievious! The husky we had when I was little used to get grass stains - between her eyes. Weird, very weird!

blackbird said...

Olive oil takes paint off.

alison said...

I've never had to get paint off a dog. A child, yes, but not a dog. He does look sort of debonair with the white eyebrow though.

Beagle said...

This happened to our cat, a jet black cat no less, we were told to just wait for it to wear off.

He does look adorable!

M&Co. said...

Actually I think that is a very good look for him!

Erin said...

Wait it out. It will wear off on its own.

And I agree with everyone else: it's a good look for him! Glad it came up off the floor.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious.....I want to come and live at your home life is boring in comparison!!!!!


meggie said...

i was going to say it will wear off- quite quickly too, probably, given that he interacts with the kids, & anything else he sees.
He is beautiful.