Wednesday, 17 December 2008

whutcha gonna do

I hate cops.

No, no, not police officers. But that damned television show.

We're a typical (quasi) Canadian family - we have over 200 choices of 'all crap, all the time' on the clicker, and believe me, it gets a work out. Winters are long and cold 'round here.

Some repetition of programs is to be expected. But holy jumpin' Jesus, every night? Every night* I have to hear the lame-ass excuses of people that can't remember that a) Drugs are BAD and b)oh, yeah, getting a drivers license is a good idea?

And they are, of course, Americans. A fact which my husband points out regularly, the snot.

I blame George Bush.** It's bad when the mis-handling of a country results in the apprehension of criminals good entertainment.

*Small house, open floor plan. Which means unless I want to go read in the car, I can hear the damned tv from anywhere upstairs or down.

**No, I don't really blame Bush. I blame him for (so many) other things, but not especially this ratty little thing that passes for television programming.


Anonymous said...

Should I send you ear muffs?

witchypoo said...

It's on every night? Really? I must be entranced with Jon and Kate plus eight. Dang those kids are cute.

Chantal said...

I hate Cops too. My hubby likes those types of show. Currently he is into "The First 48" which is interesting but depressing.

May-B said...

It's so sad that I am on the side of the guys. I watch Cops, First 48, Cold Case... you name it. I am sorry you are suffering.

Why Mom Drinks Rum said...

I refuse to put it on. All I hear is how "AWFUL that arrest was! He didn't cover his partner! What a horrible take down! Oh my GOD they didn't search him right!"

Don't even get me started on the fit he throws when he watches Law & Order....ugh. Being married to a cop really screws watching cop-shows for ya.

Woman in a Window said...

Literally, "cops"? I don't even know when/if it's on. That's 'cause I'm so busy watching cop shows. Ya,ya! I'm pathetic. The Mentalist or CSI. Or True Blood. Oh that's not cops but vampires but my god it rocks. There are cops in it.

Where's the family sitcom, that's what I want to know! Where's a new Home Improvement, The Cosby's, even stupid According to Jim? OK, two of those had meatheads but really, what do you watch with your kids? Come on people! Give us a good family sitcom!