Sunday, 14 December 2008

'round the back

The first two pictures were taken today. Yes, Mom, we have no snow.

The back meadow is filled with water, since we've had a rainy few days. Not high-water flood-warning beat-the-drums-the-house-is-going-down-the-river kind of high. Just full of water. B even saw a beaver casing the joint this afternoon, looking for a good place to put a dam. The first year we actually flooded, the water was lapping all around the woodshed and we had a beaver swimming up to it and taking logs out, one by one. His own private fast food joint!

The leaves have all skittered off the trees and have tucked themselves in among the stones, faded to bright crispy orange. I love the pattern on these, which match the trees

standing not ten feet away. Puzzle-piece bits of landscape! The water was still and ice-shrouded near the edges - perfect for tossing sticks and trying to see what was under the water.
(this picture was taken last February, hence the snow.)

We came in when feet and noses froze, and thawed out in front of the fire.


Ree said...

Wow. Although we reached the 40s today, so we're also in the middle of a quick December thaw.

Anonymous said...

Neat post, Jess. I like the images. It was warmer here today.

Mary G said...

Those are beautiful shots -- I really like the rocks one. And I sure can relate to the beaver story.

Woman in a Window said...

You're talking nonsense woman. What da you mean there's no snow? This is Canada you know!

But the warming up, well, that I can relate to.