Sunday, 28 December 2008

take those moments when you can

Snow days, that is.

The day before Christmas, everything was bitter cold and icy. Then, overnight, we had rain and woke Christmas morning to bare ground and a soft breeze.

The adults reveled in it. The children pouted and scowled and waved their new sleds.

So yesterday was a treat.
It was soft snow, that feathery furry stuff that domps down noiselessly and startles the senses with brightness. Good snow to clomp through with heavy boots, watching your feet disappear and rise again.

And it was good for sledding.

There was hooting and hollering. There were belly-flops and bum-rides and confidence-building swoops down the hill. And some spectacular crashes, too.

Last night it sleeted for awhile and subsided. There's still a bit of snow - I'm sure they'll be out there again today - but the texture of it has changed, muting the softness of it all. Instead, it's a little crisper, a little more jagged.

We'll see how the sleighing goes today.


Molly said...

You have here distilled the essence of fun!

Ricki said...

You take the best pictures :)

Jeanette said...

Looks like such fun... vastly different to here! LOL!

witchypoo said...

Our snow is all gone now, except where the plow left a big pile.

kimmyk said...

how fun!
i don't like the white stuff, but i love watching children enjoy it.

good for your little ones!

Ree said...

Our entire foot of snow from last week is gone. In it's place? Mud and leaves that the winds last night shook out of the trees.

Oh, and branches. ;-) Lots of branches to clean up.

Of course, the 60-degree weather was pretty cool for a day.

I bet you all had a blast.

Stomper Girl said...

Fabulous photos, love Cass' cheeky grin.

Anonymous said...

I wish we had white winters instead of brown, moldy, wet winters.

Beautiful shots.

Woman in a Window said...

Funny how it is that the many changes in snow can directly affect us. We have gone from vuluminous to patted down ice, to crisp again, to slush, to just plain irrelevant. And then this morning out with a t-shirt and I felt a whiff of WAS THAT SPRING? Only to come in two minutes ago with a white head. Unpredictable. Our mooods too.

Except you, you're riding it along with your kids. Good for you!

Isabelle said...

Those children are saving up some wonderful memories!

Loth said...

We've got frost! That's sort of like snow, right?