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Tomorrow I'm getting up and dressed, shoving some coffee in a thermos, and heading out to C's school. It's pancake day!

A few months ago, the students were told that if no one was caught running in the hall for a month, they'd get a special day. Suggestions were given to the principal, and the note came home this afternoon.

My boy will be going to school in his pjs. And having a pancake breakfast.

Actually, I'll have two there in pj's, as R loves going to the big school (it's been my month to do fluoride) and is busy making herself at home. After all, she says, next year it will be MY school!


I'm not really ready to have two in school. And while I'm not exactly beating my breast and wailing mah baybee (well, not yet) it's too bad for me, anyway..... because she is so ready I think I could leave her there and she wouldn't notice. I carried the trays of fluoride today while she watched The Wiggles with the Primary Class, and she was indistinguishable from them - same rapt attention, same height, same squashed posture on her little mat.

She looked....she looked like a BIG KID.

And you know, I think maybe she is.


Loth said…
yeah, they have a bad habit of growing. Not sure what we are doing wrong there. Feeding them, maybe?
Chantal said…
My M is the same way. So anxious. He has already started referring to it as his school.
Ree said…
You mean like my kindergartener who decided that he needs to graduate from High school this year?
We had a pancake breakfast yesterday, and a big ol' snow day today!!!
Sounds like you have a fun morning to look forward to tomorrow.

As for them growing up, don't even get me started on that. I'll start balling like a baby.
Suzanne said…
I guess that means you haven't found a pause button on your kids, either!

Enjoy the pancakes and pj's. That sounds like an awesome day!
blackbird said…
...funny how that happens, isn't it?
crazymumma said…
It is so bittersweet their growing.
witchypoo said…
So how come the big kids (you) didn't get to wear pjs?
ugh, that transition. those silly kids are like, I'm so ready, while us moms are so not necessarily.
ugh, growing.

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