Tuesday, 23 December 2008

bah humbug!

Suzanne had a pictoral up a few weeks ago: A Tutorial for The Wrapping Challenged.
I skimmed through it and sighed, envious of her sharp corners and neat folds. Really, she does a lovely job.

Today, ALL DAY, I've been wrapping things. Big presents. Odd-shaped presents. Weeny little ones. My mood has been lowering with each press of the paper and each whhhiiink! of the scotch tape. The children wanted to wrap their presents* to their aunts and uncles (note to K: you DO have sharp scissors, right? Because our boy thinks tape is a condiment) and I started to growl instructions.

'This will actually work better if you do one side at a time! Look, it's wrinkling! Umm, could you PLEASE make the gift card while I try to (salvage) make this a little more....tidy?' (note to K: Rosey wrote the names on a lot of things. Good luck. I'll be in the corner, rocking back and forth....)

Then I realized I still need to get a few things and commenced whamming my head on the the desk to the beat of 'White Christmas.'

whimper. Next year it's going to be gift cards for everybodyyyyyyy (whump)

So I've now decided that I don't like Suzanne any more**, because she's not sharing the obviously pharmaceutically superior drugs she must be on to actually enjoy this @#$%*&^ chore.

I'm feeling a bit Scroogish, actually. I can feel my eyebrows beginning to beetle.

Or is that bits of errant scotch tape??

* The tradition is that Cass and Rosey pick out their gifts to their relatives themselves. I do guide them a bit on price and content (so the aunts and uncles don't all get Barbies and Matchbox cars) but the decisions? Are theirs.

**Big mwah to S.


Anonymous said...

Just think, Jesse, only a few more hours and it will all be over - for this year!

Stay warm up there and have a Blessed Christmas!

Suzanne said...

I guess my post did NOT have the desired effect! LOL!

Next year, I'll post a video, okay? Then you can plop the younguns in front of it and walk away!

Glass of wine? I'm pouring.

Jen on the Edge said...

I cheat a lot by using gift bags. I cheat even more by putting gifts in plain boxes and "wrapping" them with only cloth ribbons and pretty tags.

I hate wrapping gifts.

Loth said...

I love wrapping! If someone else would do the hard work of choosing and buying the gifts, I would happily sit and wrap presents all day. I volunteered to wrap my mother-in-law's gifts to my children this year, just because I like it!

Nicole said...

Heh. I always think I'm going to like wrapping presents and then I don't.

Its very disappointing. I'm thinking of outsourcing next year. Either that, or once the poptart is old enough that will be his/her job.

Anonymous said...

I hate wrapping.

May-B said...

Yeah, all my wrapping looks like a 5 year old did it. Or the dogs did. It's not so good. Next year? Gift bags.

kimmyk said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Ricki said...

Gift bags and tissue paper darlin'. Run! Stock up right now, they're gonna be super cheap this time of year ;)

velcro said...

my sister loves wrapping presents, I hate it and am absolutely useless at it. Boxes are ok, I can manage them, it's the presents that are all weirdly shapped that are the problem

Isabelle said...

I don't mind wrapping presents in moderation. And not on Christmas Eve. Why do I always leave it till then?

Woman in a Window said...

And now that it's over I'm convinced that next year I'll be more organized. Are you as deluded as I?

kittenpie said...

I actually quite like wrapping, too, IF I get time to myself to just do it - not like this year, when it kinda sucked a bit.