Friday, 27 January 2006

and they all lived happily....

While my husband and I were just getting to know each other, we chatted a lot with another couple. The male half, T, was my friend first. We'd known each other about a year before my husband and I started talking. He was from Australia and seemed like everything I had ever heard about that place - flamboyant and romantic. His girlfriend was from Michigan too - a sweet person, smart and funny. They seemed like an ideal couple, even with the geographical hurdles separating them. Through my move to Canada, my marriage and having my first child, we kept in touch - just notes now and then, a quick how-are-you then months of silence. They seemed happy - making plans for her move and their future. A couple of years ago I lost track of them. In this electronic world, people can drift right out of your life in the time it takes to make coffee and turn your computer on.

Yesterday, I sent A a note. It was just recently her birthday, and I dashed off a little nothing and sent it, wondering where she was now, and what they were doing. Tonight I checked my in-box - she'd sent back a note and pictures! I scanned the pictures quickly. There she was, with her beloved animals, her gorgeous smile, and....some other male person. I flipped back up to the letter. A was happy...but with someone new. T's promises had begun to grate after awhile, and she'd moved on. She had found a new fellow, a man that promised nothing he couldn't deliver, and she was living with him, certain that she had done the right thing and had found the right man for her.

Now, I'm so happy for her I could pop. She deserves the absolute best, and from the way she talks about her man, she's got it. The fairy tale has ended, they are living happily ever after.

And noone knows what became of the Aussie. Maybe he's polishing the Fairy Godmother's shoes.


Crazy MomCat said...

So much can change in a person's life so quickly and it is easy to forget that. But, one good thing is that you did reconnect with your friend. With the world of the internet and email, it is great how you can stay in touch so much better with old friends than you could with pen and paper. I love it!

Josi said...

Jess, I chatted with my ex husband last night over messenger and found out he has remarried and has two step sons that play all sorts of sports. It was crazy. I mean, I don't keep in touch with him that much but you'd think one of my friends would have told me. LOL It's amazing how much can happen without our knowing.