Sunday, 12 April 2009

gimme the jellybeans and nobody gets hurt

The clock blinked 5:23. I lay still, trying to figure out what had woken me up....oh yes, that would be the whispering and giggling going on downstairs.

Seriously, 5 in the morning?

Hushed voices floated up the stairs.
'Did you find any?'
'No. Did you look under the sofa?'
'Do you think they're in the bathroom?'
'The Easter Bunny wouldn't go in the bathroom!'
'Well, where are they?'

I grinned in the dark.

Feet pounded towards the bedroom. 'Mo-om!'
I'm never sure what the protocol is for these moments. It's best if they wake me up, right? Hmmm? What's going on, guys?

'We can't find any eggs!'

I stretched, yawned. Well, where did you look? Did you try the pantry? Or the kitchen?

Cass took off like a shot. In a minute there was a victorious yell and they were back, dumping their booty over the sheets and ogling their chocolate.

Then I went to work.

While I was gone, B supervised the tying of hairbows and the matching of socks and took them to his sisters house, where the Bunny had left many more treats. They ate fabulous food and had a wonderful time.

Then I came home to much showing of loot and many chocolate-scented kisses. It was a nice day.

Of course, after awhile some desperate law-breakers showed up, looking for a farm market stand to rumble....such riff-raff 'round these parts!


Catherine said...

What a fantastic story! Too funny. :)

(I'm making my way through my SV Moms folder in google reader...nice to meet you!)

Woman in a Window said...

And to think, I made mine stay upstairs 'til both were awake, teeth brushed, and dressed for the day. I just take all the fun outta it!

Love how Cass is tipping his mask there. Nice photo.

Jen on the Edge said...

We negotiated our Easter wake-up time the night before, so we got to sleep in until 7:30.

molly said...

Easter was so much fun back in the days when our kids were younger. With five, we had a rule that they couldn't start hunting for eggs until all five were up! I remember the patter of little bunny feet at some god-awful, early-dark hour when I still wanted to sleeep! The squeels! The excitement. They're still doing it but on the mom/dad side of the fence.....
Your kids are GROWING! Wasn't it just yesterday that Rosie was a baby?? A measure of how long we've been blogging!

molly said...

.......Yes! I CAN spell! I meant squeals, of course!

Loth said...

I made my two shower and get dressed before they got any chocolate, for I am MEAN!

Nadia said...

Too cute! We reminded our daughter about the Easter bunny after she was dressed and had finished her breakfast. I don't think that will work when she gets older though!

beagle said...

Love this post! Thanks for the smiles!

meggie said...

Gorgeous pics, & lovely story. Shame you had to work, but they were obviously happy.

motherbumper said...

I love the way you write. Our hunt began at 6am (despite protests from the real Easter Bunnies.)

Mike said...

Since mine are teenagers, I miss those days of hunting and gathering. I end up buying a few chocolate eggs for the wife and we share them...

Chantal said...

Scoundrels for sure!

My float said...

How cute are those masks!

We had an early starter too - 3.45am. As in, THE MORNING!!



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