Wednesday, 9 July 2008

pretty bird

I bought R some gorgeous dresses this spring.

Girls are so much more fun than boys to dress, and these dresses were sweet and colorful and floaty and just...nice.

So of course she wanted nothing to do with them. I had almost resigned myself to a summer of my daughter wearing shorts and pink tshirts when suddenly the other night Rosey....changed her mind.

'I want a pretty day.' she said. 'The red and white dress?'
The next day: 'Oooh! The flowered one!'
Today she looked cool and grown-up in a seersucker sundress, sweet and crisp.

And now we're fighting to get her out of the dresses and into shorts for tonight.

T-ball and floaty pretty things don't much mix.


womaninawindow said...

Gorgeous! Her, the dress, the photo!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy this phase, because you never know when she'll go back to shorts and t-shirts.

witchypoo said...

Beyond adorable! I'm sure you are doing the happy dance now that she wants to have pretty days.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes programming just takes a while to take affect... a neat experience for you!

Walking With Scissors said...

Love it! She even matches the berries behind her!

My girl is all about pretty, floaty things. She won't wear pants or shorts. Ever. It's a challenge just to get her to wear bike shorts under her skirts/dresses for going to the park. I love the skirts with built-in shorts... The only time she wears shorts is if she has a soccer game (which she hates playing, by the way. She dances across the field picking dandelions. What a girl!)

Vacant Uterus said...

Pretty girl!