Friday, 4 July 2008


These were gorgeous this morning before I left for work - unfortunately by the time I got home they'd all closed up shop for the night.

Pretty, just the same.

And this is just one plant. How many pumpkins are we going to have, a quadrillion??

And hurrah! It's the weekend. The local festival runs over the weekend - if we have decent weather we'll be taking the kids in to the little carnival, finding a parade or two and eating some hotdogs.

Really, isn't that what the essence of summer is?


Molly said...

You can pluck off the blossoms you don't want to develop. You can even, I've heard, pluck off all but one. Then, supposedly, all the plant's energy will go into that one, making it a monster pumpkin!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse - did you plant just the one seed, or many? What Molly says about plucking off all but one blossom, I've heard, too. Supposidly, that's how the contest winners grow their big ones...

womaninawindow said...

HA, yes, just what the others said. We plant pumpkins annually and I always got (get) excited by the flowers. The fewer the flowers though, the more pumpkins you'll get. The whole conserving pumpkins thing. I'm a little jealous 'cause my pumpkins are so behind this year. Not one flower yet. Nope, just checked, not one! Very unusual.

Have a great day, friend.

kimmyk said...

i love small town festivals.
the food and the fun!!!


have a good time!

Vanessa said...

I would love to grow my own pumpkins!

Laurie said...

The picture is very nice, I had no idea punkin blossoms looked so pretty.

Ree said...

I thought of you yesterday when one of our neighbors stopped over and asked us to take her pumpkin plants.

She had three plants in ONE pot. Got that? Three pumpkin plants in a single pot.

So Mr. Hot told her that we didn't really have any sunny place to plant them. She insisted.

Well, one survived (so far) to tell the tale.

Why Mom Drinks Rum said...

Hubby banned me from all Pumpkin plants after the great "Pumpkin fiasco of 1999"...I was nesting with son....I had a tiny little patch in our military housing.....and then I had about 15 pumpkins and 50 square feet of pumpkin vines over what used to be well manicured government issued grass. And since I "just" gave birth to son, after pumpkin season he had to pull out all the vines and dispose of them.
Nope, not allowed pumpkins anymore.