Thursday, 31 July 2008

the other day, they ate salad

Cass is 'lergic to most vegetables. Or so he would have us think. Even baby carrots, oven roasted and glazed with brown sugar and butter rate an 'I ate some...but I didn't like them....'

while I gape at him, thinking sugar? brown sugar? and butter? Whose kid are you?

If it's not potatoes, C has his nose up faster than I can say 'Just try it!' Tomatoes, mushrooms, green beans, even corn....all on the no thanks, Mom list.

So salad seemed all kinds of wrong and I hesitated to even push it....but I love salad.

It's easy, and tasty, and you can put anything in there....

So we went to the grocery. Cass picked out the salad leaves (bag salad) and he chose romaine leaves, with slivers of carrot and purple cabbage. Rosey chose huge croƻtons (sea salt and black pepper - hurrah for my spicy girl) and then helped me mix the salad once we got home, tossing in grape tomatoes and baby carrots, adding a quick dash of orange sesame dressing, fluffing it up with the big salad forks. I put a small amount on their plates (we were having pizza) and really didn't expect much.

Cass poked at it. 'Can I use the white dressing?'

Okay, but it already has an orange dressing on it, so go easy.

And he did, amazingly enough. He also ate the carrot and tomato I had sneakily put on his plate, without complaint. He actually ate all but a few naked leaves. R happily ate all on her plate and asked for more.

I checked. They weren't running fevers. Best not to make too much of this, I thought, so I just smiled and nodded and talked about my day, trying not to jump up and clap my hands with glee.

I haven't tried salad again, and I know there are no guarantees, but still - the other day?

The other day, they both ate salad.


marymuses said...

Salad-eating kids--it's a miracle! That's better than seeing Jesus on a potato chip.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you!

The day one of mine ate fresh spinach -- and ate and ate and ate -- was the day I started to wonder about the possibility of alien abduction.

Isabelle said...

Salad - excellent.

I particularly loved your previous post. I used to wonder, when mine were little, if there was a day when children's batteries started running down - whether I would see it happen. But it's gradual. I didn't spot it happening. Quite sad, really.

Your children's lives sound magical. Can you adopt me, please?

Loth said...

Salad? Seriously? OK, if you say so. I will try it on my two and report back. You may hear the wailing from over that side of the Atlantic though, I am just warning you.

Suzanne said...

I have a similar tale from a few months ago. Chef decided he liked salad if it had Ranch or Caesar dressing. Three of us have salad, and I wasn't wasting salad on Gameboy.

He asks timidly "may I have a salad, too?" I ask what dressing he wants and he requests 1000 Island. Bold flavor for my bland boy.

I was shocked-both boys had salad, and they finished all of it.

Ree said...

Yay for salad!

Chantal said...

It is a strange thing about salad. My D won't touch a veggie with a 10 foot pole, but put a salad in front of him and he eats it all up.

Yay for your guys, Salad rocks

SUEB0B said...

I wonder what my mom did to make us like veg. I can never remember a time when I didn't like beets, asparagus, artichokes, brussels sprouts. There were five of us and we all ate them. Mom used to core cauliflower and slice up the hearts and we would eat the hearts.

It wasn't like she did anything special, either. Most of them were boiled good and long.

I'll have to ask her.

apathy lounge said...

A red letter day for sure! I remember the day my oldest decided to eat salad. One day he hated it...and the next he didn't.

PBfish said...

My little guy has just started leaving the greens on the side of his plate. That'll teach me to get all cocky and think I was going to be the one Mama whose toddler eats spinach....
He's still a huge beet-fan, though, we'll see how long that lasts.

Erin said...


And I totally know what you mean about trying NOT to make a big deal out of something. It's SO HARD not to get all excited when they are eating something out of the ordinary, isn't it? I can usually contain myself to a simple eyebrow raise and nod towards the good-eatin' one and leave it at that. Other times... well, not so much.

womaninawindow said...

HA! And that's big!

meggie said...

That is a miracle. Salad eating sons are truly rare!

nomotherearth said...

That would be a bloody miracle in our house.