Tuesday, 9 January 2007

soprano toddler

Well howdy, Blogger, haven't seen you in awhile.... Does anyone besides my snarky old self think that Blogger may have bitten off more than it could chew when it merged with Google?

Or a friend of mine is convinced this is all a way to urge us all into going to Beta mode.

Either way, it kind of sucks. Quit breaking down, Blogger. We'll love you ever so much more.

Harrumph. Today was a good day (and it's not over yet!) Rosey had her speech evaluation!

And while the therapist agreed with my statement that it was like living with a small dictator from New Jersey*, Rosey did well.

She counted to three.
She pointed out colors.
She fed a baby doll and gave it a drink.
She used three and four word sentences.
She did two puzzles.
She herded the therapist and myself all over the office. 'Mama sit dere! 'Net sit dere! Wosey sit here and give Door bilk.' (Dora milk. Do all the two year olds in the world know Dora? Is recognizing her like the final test to become two?)
She shushed poor Annette, leaned over, took my hand and said firmly. 'Want toys up dere. Pease.'
(A puts all the really complex toys up high where a small girl can only dream.)

And at the end, A said that she was talking at the correct level. A little trouble on first sounds, and mispronouncing mightily, but talking at the right level.

I would have kissed her but I was too busy trying to deal with General NastyPants, who was insisting (loudly) that we go NOW and find a bathroom.

So this report will go to Early Childhood Development, who will mull it over and let me know.

Now to start shutting things down here at work!

*The 'dese' and 'doses' flew thick and fast.


Erin said...

Beta isn't bad. It's good. All the cool people are doing it. You should try it. If you love me, you'll switch to Beta. :) I can't remember any of the other cheesy peer-pressure things I used to hear about in the anti-drug/anti-sex classes.

Glad to hear that Rosie is on track, speech-wise. It seems that all my friend's kids are in speech therapy of some kind. Makes me wonder if that isn't the ADD of the pre-school set.

daysgoby said...

E -

Yeah, but I know a girl that swears you can get beta by wearing a wet bathing suit and sitting in the backseat of a convertible with a boy.

Oh! Don't forget that nobody gets addicted to beta the first time!

stay-at-home mommy said...

Right on, little girl!!

I haven't switched to beta either. I don't deal well with change...

Cat, Galloping said...

hee. i'm glad everything's okay with rosey!

julia said...

They're all out of beta, man. If you want to be down with the cool kids, you'll switch to word press.

Glad to hear Rosey's doing so well. She sounds like a little girl who lives in my house...rules the house with an iron pacifier, that one.

Stomper Girl said...

Sounds like Rosey aced her assessment. I don't know her history - (newcomer to your blog)- was she a slow starter with the talking?

I'm like you, hanging back with the changeover. I'll go when there is NO OTHER CHOICE!!!

daysgoby said...

Julia - I'm tempted...

StomperG - Late talker, then didn't advance. She's been with Early Childhood Development since she was eighteen months, when we realized she hadn't said Dada (one of the two words she was saying) in a month. Lots of scary stuff about brain damage.

I don't even know how to express how happy and relieved I am about this.

And, you know, I'd go buy my own URL in a minute, if I knew what the heck I was doing. I think I could screw that up pretty effectively.
But Blogger? Like this? Cannot go on.

Sarah Louise said...

beta's not so bad. And it makes a lot of the html stuff that you have to do when you want to change your template SO MUCH EASIER.

PLUS--so cool--when you post a comment on your own blog it doesn't ask for word verif!! That for me is almost worth the entire price of admission...which, btw, is FREE!

And I would have wanted to kiss the speech therapist too!! I got good news at work today that I'm doing good and gosh, doesn't it feel great to be validated???

Yay, Rosie!

Sarah Louise said...

and didn't blogger merge with google like a year ago?? So I can't think that's the problem now.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Good to hear of Rosie's progress. She'll soon be driving you mad with chit chat.

I like your new avatar very much. Also, do not fear the beta. Be one with beta. Say the beta mantra. Haha.

M&Co. said...

Oh I love it that you got a normal report. I don't think I've ever gotten one of those on either of my kids; I'm ever hopeful though.

daysgoby said...

LGS - Thanks, I love my partypiggy!

SL - Congratulations on the work praise! Always nice!

I'll have to go check beta out again. I looked at it when it first came out and was doing all that horrible stuff like not letting anyone comment, remember?

MsCellania said...


Sarah Louise said...

Yes, but blogging in beta on Foxfire is de-lovely (yes, much like your haircut!). I click on "sign-in" and I'm in like Flynn and I don't have to do vw on my own blog and most non-beta blogs recognize me now.

(Yes, it's a little bizarre how some do/some don't, but most do, so it's a process sort of thing...)

And I totally see now what MsCell meant about commenting on the wrong post, hee!

Oh, another great thing about beta: it tells you which post folks commented on, so that if you get a comment on an old post from 1984 (well, you get the idea, I know blogging was not in existence then) you don't have to think, um, what did that reference to the Talking Heads have to do with my haircut? You'll know that they were referring to your excellent choices in music...

Oh, did I ramble on again??