Thursday, 25 January 2007

i never liked those possessed doll stories

or, the freaky-ass thing I got off e-bay

The package I had to pick up?

Um. (shifting about on chair) It's...well, it's.....It's a doll. Okay?

I bought a doll. A porcelain doll.

This is so unlike me.

I don't buy dolls. I've never owned a porcelain doll, no 're-born huggable darlings made to feel so real you'll swear they're going to wake in your arms'*, nothing even remotely similar.

It's just never appealed to me.**

It all started a few weeks ago, with a toy from a Happy Meal. Rosey was smitten with her tiny doll. It was dark-haired with big blue eyes and dressed in a sailor dress and hat. It looked a lot like Rosey, actually. After she'd loved it and carried it everywhere and had it in the bath a few times, I got the bright idea that maybe I should hunt for a bigger one on E-bay. (Mainly because I'm a sucker for wide-eyed wonder and the breathless way she says 'Mama, look!') So into the world of E-bay I went.

I couldn't find the same one, but while looking idly through listings I saw what I thought was a good alternative. Sailor hat, sailor dress. I bid.

I won.

And now the freaky thing is in my house. And while Rosey loooves it, it makes both Bear and I so uncomfortable that we've had to move it out of sight.

It has this little foxy face. And it's looking at you. All.the.time.

I think, though, that the constant smirk and the staring eyes are getting to the wee one as well. Ten minutes after we put her to bed, Miss R took the doll off her dresser and carefully set it outside in the hall.

I guess this is one toy we'll put away for awhile.

I see you!!

*as an e-bay ad said, freaking word-for-word.
**I don't scrapbook, either. My feeling is that I have enough incidental scraps of paper and trinkets in my house already to make bringing in more just a really bad idea.


Stomper Girl said...

Oooh, all that needs is freaky little voice-box that just says Ma-ma ... Ma-ma at you over and over again

Crazy MomCat said...

Ok, that thing is freaking scary. It's just something about the complete contentness on its rivals Chucky, I think. HA!

julia said...

That's a scary doll.

The doll that Rosey got from McDonald's is a Madame Alexander doll and you should be able to find them online, thru e-bay or any high end toy store. FAO Schwarz has them. My mother used to get them for me when I was little. They're cute, but they all look identical.

Erin said...

That doll is pretty scary.

I've never understood those life-like newborn recreation dolls, either. I'm pretty sure we're not the target audience for them, though. I think they are aiming for the over 75 geriatric and lonely ladies. Maybe that's why we don't understand them. :)

I am not looking forward to the day that Emily gets a baby doll like that. It's coming, though. She plays with dollies when we're out somewhere and seems to have a good time.

bean & sprout's rep. said...


Liz said...

Mayve R put the doll in the hall so it wouldn't wake in her arms in the middle of the night -- a girl needs her rest -- that can be hard to come by if you room-share with a small baby! Smart kid you got there.

AJsMom said...

Oh, you wimps! That doll is way too normal to be really scary. HAve I got a doll for you! Check out why MamaDrama's "Mr. Poodlestein" is living at my house.

daysgoby said...

Darn it, I was trying to find that contest so I could link to it!

Congrats on Mr. Poodlestein. I hope we never have anything that scary!

Angela said...


Savannah loves her dolls. She was carrying around a purse that was made to look like the face of a bunny. (MIL got it for her for Easter last year) She put in her her little doll carrier. She would looka t it and saw 'awwwwww..... cute'. She pretended to feed it and everything. Just because of the FACE on it.
She also has 5 she sleeps with. lol