Wednesday, 24 January 2007

oh my aching head

a funny funny for a Wednesday


Liz said...

oh ho ho. You'll notice the benefits almost immediately. All these years of shyness and the solution has been so close all along! Too good.

Angela said...


I have self medicated similiar to this in the past with the same side effects. LMAO

Sarah Louise said...

This is hilarious!!

The last time I had tequila, it catapulted me into a month long long distance relationship with a harmonica player.

and I just watched the episode of Friends where Tequila helped Ross kiss Chandler's mom.

I loved all the warnings and side effects and how they weren't on the screen!!

elena jane said...

lol, ya know how the song goes "tequila makes her clothes fall off". funny stuff there :)

*visiting via SL*