Wednesday, 31 January 2007

i guess I have permission

In the car:

Some talk about when spring is coming. (Like we've really had a winter yet?) I tried to give it a point of reference and told Cass Spring would be here about the same time as my birthday, which he knows is in a few months.

Cass: Your Birthday? You're going to be bigger?

Me: No, I'm done growing. Now I just get older.

Cass: Oh you don't have to do that. You can just stop having birthdays now.

(Cue Peter Pan music)
I think I'll like floating around in green jerseys, finding snacks for the crocodiles.

Unfortunately....even he can't make time stop.

Later, at home.

Cass: Is it okay if my tooth is bending?

Yup. My boy has his first LOOSE TOOTH.

Just wow.


Stomper Girl said...

I don't mind having birthdays as such. I like the cake and the presents. I just don't like the numbers ticking over on the odometer. Especially when the first number changes.

Make sure you take plenty of photos of his perfect baby smile, it will all be gaps and new growths for a while now

Joke said...

Unrelated to anything...I LOVELOVELOVE ViewMasters.


daysgoby said...

Me too!

And SG - I agree, things would be fine if it was just lovely people and CAKE.

This is a bottom tooth, isn't that strange? I thought it was always the top ones that fell out first...

Molly said...

Like the Peter Pan music. Does this mean that the tooth fairy will be paying a visit soon?

wordgirl said...

Viewmaster!!! I haven't thought of those in ages.

Suse said...

Mine all lost their bottom teeth first. Son #3 lost his last year and there's a close up gory photo on my blog.

Viewmaster? Did I not get that memo?

Beagle said...

Wouldn't it be great if time could be manipulated (in our favor!)

I think kids speed up time. I just got an e-mail from a friend I had lost touch with and her oldest is in college. I swear I was just playing marco polo in the pool with that kid last summer. (But it was actually 7 years ago before I moved across the state.)

Say hello to the tooth fairy for me.

daysgoby said...

Molly - Absolutely. It's funny, though - the only image he has of the tooth-fairy is the one from The Santa Clause II (burly man squished into tights) What's the going rate these days?
Suse - Oh thank goodness! I'm glad having the bottoms fall out first isn't an odd thing. Gory pictures...might have to skip that one! Viewmasters were the toys...I have no idea how to describe them. Joke? Anyone?

Beagle - Oh, they do. I swear yesterday he had diapers on.

Sarah Louise said...

At lunch the other day (my boss's birthday) she got a card I liked: "On your birthday I bet you want T.L.C." (Open the card) "Ten Less Candles."


Stephanie said...


Another milestone: Tooth Fairy time!!

It happens all too fast!

Angela said...

awww... they do grow up so fast.
Joshua has his second loose tooth. He lose his first one a couple months ago and it was a bottom one, now the one next to it is loose. I can not believe he was 7! Always thought they came out earlier.

Julia said...

Caught you through NaBloPoMo Randomizer.

Is it sad that I saw that Peter Pan Viewmasters and had the same unease I used to get when looking at it when I was a kid? There was something about the color-quality and the 3D attempt that freaked me out as a kid, and I guess, still does to this day.