Tuesday, 16 January 2007

driving with gritted teeth

Last night it snowed. And then it rained. And then ice came down from the heavens and dented everything. And then it snowed again.

We've been enjoying an unusually mild winter here (actually, winters here are usually much more mild than people think) but this was just...yicky.

This morning most of the snow had worn away in the rain but what was left was slushy and nasty.

The roads were fun to drive on too, especially while trying to have a discussion about

a) tanker trucks. No, they aren't all firetrucks in disguise.

b) driving speed. No, I'm not passing the tanker truck.

c) the heat variables on the ouside of a car. Yes, the ice on top of the car will melt and fall off in a big crash before we get to town. No, you will not be scared. You are with me.

d) Superman and Spiderman. My feeling is that Superman would be able to clear the roads of snow faster, thus kicking Spidey's red heinie.

Big chunks of ice would hit the windshield, Rosey would squeal, and Cass would pat her hand and go on about how when the snow hits, the heat from the heater sends it zooming off, and that's why the snow blows off the car. Meanwhile, I was stuck behind the dratted tanker truck, creeping along, fishtailing in the ruts.

I may have taught them both new and interesting driving words.

Or something.


Stomper Girl said...

Yep! I just lurve answering a million questions from the kids whilst driving in stressful situations! Yesterday in Melbourne there were city-wide power black-outs in stinky hot heat during peak-hour traffic, so the traffic lights were out, everyone was over-heated and insane, and the kids want a FULL explanation of what a booze-bus is (yes, the cops in their wisdom had set up a breath-testing bus during this madness!)

M&Co. said...

Oh my god I know. We got pounded this week with sleet, ice and rain. The Husband has been out of the house once since last Friday afternoon. If the kids don't return to school soon......

Sarah Louise said...

Yes, the ice on top of the car will melt and fall off in a big crash before we get to town. No, you will not be scared. You are with me.

I love this. You make me smile and laugh. While I do hope to have little ones that are my own in the backseat someday, driving under inclement conditions with them would not be a favorite activity--let's see, we'll put it up there with root canals...

Love the Superman/Spidey comparison too!!

Liz said...

Driving under durress... with small fry accompaniment. Woman! You deserve a medal. We've been having many discussions about spidey and superman here, I feel woefully unqualified to provide answers, so I'll make a note-- superman better in wintry conditions. Thanks!

daysgoby said...

Liz - One small note here - While I'm still convinced that Superman could out-do Spiderman, the fact remains that Spiderman obviously listened to his mother and is wearing a hat and gloves.

So Superman wins, and Spiderman doesn't have frostbite.

Joke said...



-Mr. Tropical

MsCellania said...

Oh, yes siree; this winter has made me sincerely regret not getting the DVD system option in the minivan. How many questions can one answer while gasping and swearing? Not Many.
And I think I knocked something off the bottom of the minivan yesterday while negotiating the Fucking Ruts that reportedly serve as thoroughfares in our neighborhood!
I yell SHOOT and FIDDLESTICKS while driving as Oldest started yelling GEE-SUS KEE-RIST when I hit the brakes hard or gasped a few years back! 8~O