Friday, 15 September 2006

three things that make me happy

Meet Back-asswards Chicken, Basketball Woman and their new neighbor, Man with Hands for Feet.

B. Chicken and Lipsy are from daycare and have been delighting me for about a year now, but the new guy? He came home today with a bright green-painted apple and I...think I might have to frame him.

Preschool is really, really, really, really fun, says Cass. And today they talked about sharing.

Manners and cool art projects. Does it get better that this?


Joke said...

It's the best...if the sharing part manages to stick.


Angela said...

love the art work! they are adorable. your descriptions are the best.

So glad he likes pre-school!

How is R handling it?

Anonymous said...

I do pre-school projects in high school. Kids are kids and even the 16-year-old know-it-all absolutely L O V E S to hunker down over the desk with crayons and paper plates.