Thursday, 9 February 2006

sometimes I think my hearing is going

In the car this morning, headed for the babysitters:

Cass: Today! We're going to make crabs!
Me: (sneaking admiration for the babysitter - getting my young un to eat something that looks like a big bug is way beyond my abilities) Really? Mommy loves crab with butter.
Cass: Uh-huh! And we're going to paint them!
Me: (okay, not eating them, then) Are they for Chelle's fish tank?
Cass: No, I'm going to bring mine home.
Me: (vision of small food bowl in corner of Cass's bedroom) Honey, I think they'd be better off at Chelle's - the cats might eat them. (You're brilliant, Jess! Blame it on the cats!!) Yup, the cats won't like them at all....

....silence from the back seat......

Cass: Not even if I made Panda her own Valentine?

They are, of course, doing a CRAFT today. We'll see if the cat gets one or not.


Angela said...

hmmmm.... think you'll get one? Cass is probably wondering why you are gonna put butter on his valentines!!hahahahahaha

Lola Badeggs said...

A surprising number of people have a story about mishearing something that ends up being sort of a catch-all phrase for being deaf. My husband's is 'Alfalfa sitter'; mine is 'What bear?' and yours is clearly going to be 'Painted crabs?! No honey, the cat will eat them!' Hilarious story!!

Tessa said...

Whoa, that was way confusing! And very funny. :)

Sweet Coalminer said...

Are you projecting? Does mommy need a grown up meal?