Monday, 6 February 2006

not bad for a monday

Last week, Rosey burned herself on the woodstove. There were a pair of mittens drying on the back shelf, and she went for them. She let out a squawk and I rushed over, saw a reddish spot on the palm of her hand, did the 'kiss and make it better' routine, and she happily toddled off for her nap. Two hours later I was changing her shirt and saw this on her wrist:

Bear, horrified, taped it up and thought she'd be okay, but my 'Bad Mom' klaxon was going off. How could I have missed that? What kind of bad Mom was I?

That night, while on shift, Bear asked at the local hospital and was given a little tub of some special burn cream, and we dutifuly slathered and gauzed. Truth be told, she didn't seem to mind it nearly as much as we did - she'd happily put her arm in her bathwater, and wasn't shy about presenting her bandage to be changed. This weekend, though, I worried and fretted and finally decided to take her in to see our doctor, just to have someone official tell me it was okay.

Our doctor met us at the hospital, as he was doing rounds in the ER. Rosey's arm is healing beautifully, and he doesn't see any problems. Really, the appointment took three minutes. The highlight of it, though, was the nurse that put us in the exam room. She came in behind me and introduced herself - it was Lily's Mama, of Life With Our Girlie! She has a sweet smile and a hearty laugh and Rosey was just bewitched. She kept laying down on the cot and smiling up at her.

So, my baby girl is okay and I finally met my neighbor. (Yay!) How was your Monday?


Lily's Mama said...

It was nice to finally get to meet you as well - Rosey is very sweet - kids handle illness and injury much better than we, the parents do. Here's hoping that her little arm will be good as new in no time.

Tessa said...

Wow! Such a brave girl! And you're a great Mom for taking her in to 'make sure.'
I know most of my peers would concur, if there was no crying their parents would've left it be.

Sweet Coalminer said...

I'm so glad she's getting better. How scary! I don't think they feel pain the way we feel shame.