Thursday, 23 June 2011

third grader

for TWO MORE DAYS. That's it. TWO MORE SCHOOL DAYS and.....

and I have a FOURTH GRADER.



Anonymous said...

Hard to believe grade 4, I remember holding him the day he was born. He is such a great boy, reminds me of you, Dad and Jamie all rolled into one and when I see the little mischevious glint I even see a bit of me.

Isabelle said...

What a lovely boy.

And shortly - really shortly - he'll be off to university. Time flies. Appreciate him while you can (yes, I know you do).

I wish my boy was that age again, instead of 27, working 12 days on the trot in a town an hour away from us.

Anyway - your boy is gorgeous!

Schadenfreude Warehouse said...

I teach 4th grade. I'd love to have your son in my class! Love these photos.