Tuesday, 21 June 2011

first day of summer

The kids are sunburnt and happy, thanks to Beach Day at their school. (My kids' school has fifty-odd children in it, and for the end of term the teachers take the whole school to the ocean for the day. They're braver than I.)

Supper went like this:

"And THEN we built a sand-cake and decorated it with shells and I ate two hot dogs and a cupcake and"

and the other country chimed in:

"And I got sand thrown in my face once but it was an accident and there were these WAVES and I rode them like I was on a surfboard and we had hot dogs and juice and I couldn't eat all the snacks I brought and..."

"I got wet and it was COLD but then I came out and I got a mouthful of seawater and it made me SPIT, spit all over the beach and it was dreckful stuff and then I went in but it was too cold to stay long so we built ANOTHER huge sand-cake except it kept breaking and we'd fix it and it'd break again and"

"Mom my cheeks feel hot. Am I sunburned a little? I smell like sunblock too. Can we go back to the beach again?"

"And then the tide came in and my sand-cake got washed up and...yeah, can we go back?"

I think it's safe to say they had a glorious time.

Happy Summer, y'all.


Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful. Luckily, they had one of the few days of sunshine so far this season!

kyooty said...

What a great opportunity for the kids. I can't believe 50kids to the beach? ACK! I'd be so happy if my kids school only had 50kids. Happy Belated Beach Day

Loth said...

Send them down to visit us in Lockeport next month - I think our boys are planning to spend every daylight hour on the beach and they could use the company!

Stomper Girl said...

Kids are just happy at the beach for hours, days, weeks, aren't they? And never bored.

Isabelle said...

Drekful? Or was it dreckful? Is this a Canadian word or just a Daysgoby word?

How lovely to have a glorious day. I could do with one of those.

May-B said...

Sounds wonderful!

Magpie said...

jealous! i need a beach day.