Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Lucy dreams big dreams, dreams where she lunges, all panther-like and sleek, to rake the unsuspecting canine across the eyes and hisses triumphantly as he falls to the ground, mortally wounded. He expires slowly, twitching and peeing himself, as she aloofly licks a paw and wonders how long it will take the humans to clean up the mess in her house.

'Stoopid dog.' thinks Lucy, and smiles in her sleep.


barb said...

Oh to have the life a feline

apathy lounge said...

Our new kitten pooped in our closet last night. While I was holding her. Who says baby poop doesn't smell as bad? 'Cause...they're really wrong.

Beth said...

Lucy reminds me of our big ole calico, Missy, who I am sure dreams of being sleek and panther like too!