Monday, 13 June 2011


I swore, when I realized I was going to have kids, that I would NEVER be the kind of Mom who cleaned the kids rooms. My Mom didn't, so why would I?

(And a caveat here: I remember getting my bedroom door taken off the hinges for not cleaning it properly, and I remember trying to stuff more than God ever intended to fit under the bedskirt, and I remember staring longingly out my window while I had to FUSS with things,but I don't remember my mother cleaning my room.)

Rosey and Cass both put their laundry in hampers and bring them downstairs. They take their folded clean stuff up too, and put it away. They make their beds (okay, often.) They strip their beds on Sunday, and both can make them again, although R gets frustrated with the bottom sheet and C hates pillowcases. Rosey unloads the dishwasher when asked, Cass sweeps, they both love to mop. They take turns setting and clearing the table*. Cass feeds the dog, Rosey the cats.

Am I proud of them? Hell, yes. Am I an excellent task-master or an incredible parent or (oh, I laugh) some organized phenomenon?


My brother and I were taught from a very early age that we were part of the household, and that we were expected to do these things. So it made sense for me to carry that on with my kids.

Although, today, when I went into Cass's room and left with a bag and a half of assorted toys, old school assignments, crumpled paper, and bits of mystery plastic,  I thought for a minute I'd turned into one of those women who cleaned their children's rooms.

Then I realized I was just performing a vital safety service and making sure firemen could get to him should there be a fire, and left.

We'll see if he notices when he gets home.

Rosey's room will have to wait for a few days. But, Little Ponies? You're on warning.

*Which sounds like: 'Cass, it's your turn to....' But they DO it.


rae ann said...

man, good for you. i shoulda started a lot earlier with my urchins. it took them 5 1/2 hours (HOURS!) to clean their postage stamp sized room on saturday. i threatened to drop them and all of their stuff off at the second hand store if they didn't step it into high gear. when that didn't work, i told them no dinner and no pooping until it was done. chaos. utter chaos.

mapsgirl said...

I'm trying my hardest with my girls -- ages 6 and 4. The grudging clean their rooms. The little one likes to help fold the socks. The oldest likes to help empty the dishwasher. They sort their laundry (whites, colours and darks).

As they get older they'll do more. Like you, I believe that helping around the house is part of life and party of being a member of the household.

Stomper Girl said...

Good on you. I have GOT to get on to making my kids do more. They are pretty good about picking up the lego now, and tidying their room but I do the laundry all by myself, and that is just not right.

May-B said...

Good for you! My mom always made us do those kinds of chores too. It makes kids better people. But the cleaning you did, doesn't sound like "cleaning" but rather sorting and tossing which is totally valid.

Jen on the Edge said...

I did that to my kids' rooms last week, but I was ruthless and threw away lots and lots of stuff.