Tuesday, 12 May 2009

summat to say

Although it's not all that much, really....

  • Foodgawker is the work of the devil. Or a really bad idea to scroll through at work, take your pick. Now I'm trapped making goodies for the school Spring Fair that are much more complicated than usual...my conscience won't let me whizz out a couple of chocolate cakes now, no no, must be fancier. And prettier. And dinner for the next few nights is going to be...different.

  • From the department next to me, many many times a day: 'So I need my paperwork to register?' My thought (after many many times a day) Yes yes a thousand times yes. The pieces of paper your doctors office gave you are surprisingly not optional. (Not their response. They're friendly and not a bitter old snarky hag like the blogger next door.)

  • I have three cats. Katie the Elder (who is slowing, bless her heart, but still can munch green stuff faster than a speeding bullet) makes it impossible to have flowers or plants in my house. Cass took care of that Sunday - I now have a lovely bouquet of paper flowers that I can keep forever, and never have to water, either. And my little purple girl gave me a long purple flower to match her purple shirt, so I'm good in the fresh flowers department, too.

  • I know I'm running short on sleep when I think that my husband should be able to understand how to do my daughter's hair when I'm explaining it over the phone.

Me: Just take her bangs and the hair in front of her head and put it in a ponytail. Then pull it to the side a little so it's not sticking straight out of her head.

He: You want me to..... pull on her head?

Me: (crickets chirp) Wha?

He: I tried to put all her hair in a ponytail yesterday and it didn't work. It kept falling out.

Me: She does have barrettes, too, hon. Look, I don't care. But she runs into less walls when she can see where she's going.

He: (guffaws) Yeah.

  • Election time is here again in Nova Scotia! Giant election signs are blooming everywhere like early flowers. It's pretty.


Jen on the Edge said...

Maybe you should teach Rosie how to do her own hair so that Man Hands won't ever touch it. :-)

Actually, I have to say, my husband is much better about GENTLY brushing out tangles than I am. However, he cannot be trusted with a rubber band, scrunchie, or hair clip.

motherbumper said...

Foodgawker is my favourite kind of porn.

Now I want paper flowers too.

Woman in a Window said...

No, it's not the phone. Even if you were right there with a flurry of hands he wouldn't get how to do the hair, or notice when it went very wrong. Just my experience, er, my husband's.

kittenpie said...

My cats eat all green stuff, too, meaning my Misterpie has a fine reason for never bringing me flowers, and I sadly had to tell my one friend who did to please stop because I hate cleaning up the vomit. sigh.