Tuesday, 17 February 2009

somedays, it's like pulling teeth

Today was a big dental day.

Both the kids and I had cleanings scheduled.

And I was so sure things would be fine (R's really been growing up. She went to get her hair cut yesterday and sat still the whole time.) that I didn't take B with me to run interference.

You can probably sense that this does not end well, can't you?

Rosey was spectacular. She sat still, opened her mouth wide (a far cry from two years ago) and had a great report. Her teeth are growing in cleanly and she brushes well. The only cloud over her visit - the dentist wants her to quit sucking her thumb at night, as her teeth are beginning to show signs of it.

Cass, on the other hand, is brushing even less than I suspected. And not terribly well. The tech put one of those red dye tablets in his mouth, and he looked like he'd been sucking pink lipstick. Not impressive. Still, no cavities, and good brushing habits can be re-learned.

He was great in the chair as well.

What was not great, though, was the frolicking and running around that happened while I was in the chair.

When I heard the third person talk to them I was done. I apologized and took my half-cleaned teeth (and my renegade so-in-trouble kids) out of the office.

It was NOT a joyful ride home.

Once we hit home, though, R did a sudden melt. (There is a distinct odor of Eau de Drama eddying around that one. It's a little like Jean Nate.) Wailing as if her heart would break, she snugged her favorite blanket up and defied anyone to try taking it away. B and I just stared at her. 'Did you say you were taking away Blankie?' 'Nooo. Did you?')

I call this one: You can have my blankie when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers....

Rosey had heard Dr Kelly talking about The End Of Thumb-Sucking, and had bided her time to let her displeasure be known.

And now, at last, at last, she's asleep, and I haven't got the heart/strength/courage to go see if her fum is stuck in her mouf.

Let her be a baby just a little while longer.


mamatulip said...

Aw, this post is so touching...I love it.

They grow up too fast.

Ree said...

My dentist had a sign in his waiting room. "Misbehaving children will be donated for medical research." ;-) I pointed that out to Shortman once. Then told him the receptionist was waiting for him.

Snirk. Another mother of the year award-winning day.

Poor Rosey. Let her keep her thumb and her blankie a little longer. She'll grow up fine.

Mary G said...

The picture is adorable. I'm glad they were okay for their own appointments; I was lucky in that my dentist had nine(!) kids of his own and all their outgrown toys in his waiting room. He was a big man with a compelling charm and a very loud voice. I recall him saying "Sit Still NOW!" to my younger daughter. She did.
Rosey'll give up the thumb soon enough. They are only little for such a short time.

Jen on the Edge said...

Our dentist has a room just for children hang out in. Brilliant.

Stomper Girl said...

Poor Rosey. I remember the day I decided to give up the thumb and I'm pretty sure I was much older than Rosey. And I've got the teeth to prove it...

Anonymous said...

Awww, Rosey! If it makes you feel any better (and I can't imagine that it will) I still sleep with a stuffed animal or two. had to retire the ones from my childhood; Elsie and Ed sit in a basket in my bedroom now because they've ahd too many surgeries to sleep in bed with me any longer. But I never could quite give up having an elephant to hug.


Woman in a Window said...

Mine didn't outgrow her teeth sucking or whatever she was doing to 'cause 'em to go all kooky, 'til she was six. Oh, protruding tongue. So, that's what that was...

Woman in a Window said...

Mine didn't outgrow her teeth sucking or whatever she was doing to 'cause 'em to go all kooky, 'til she was six. Oh, protruding tongue. So, that's what that was...