Tuesday, 19 June 2007


This year the azaleas and rhododendrens at the park are fierce and gorgeous.

We went on Fathers Day. The park was (surprisingly for such a pretty day!) almost empty. Small people ran ahead and shouted back and forth (Come see 'dis! No, look at that!) and the (slower) bigger people admired the rocks, the pines, the ladyslippers peeking here and there. I also reveled in walking hand-in-hand with B.

I took a lot of pictures of pretty stuff:

Look at the sun dappling everything!

and tried to get some of the kids. But they were feeling fine and footled-free, so most of my kid pictures? Turned out like this:

Miss R, running back from an alternate path side trip

Which was fine.

I hope your day was just as nice.


Posybunny said...

It's so beautiful!

meggie said...

What a lovely day.

Anonymous said...

posybunny's pic makes me laugh. I've never seen a happier snake.

My favorite childhood memories are going to those sorts of parks with my family. Lovely post.

Beagle said...

I love all your photos.