Friday, 1 June 2007

it's good fertilizer, anyway

I didn't think Jas had had any of the (yummy!) dish soap, as he seemed fine - just counted myself lucky and trotted off to bed. We've been experimenting with leaving Brown Dog out of his box at night - he's confined to the first floor and can't come up to visit us in our beds, but moves around between the kitchen and the livingroom.

I sat bolt upright in bed at 3:28 a.m. There were uneasy pacing noises coming from below and a sudden ka-thunk! as Jasper reared up and put his paws on the top of the gate.

A silence fell.

Then, out of nowhere, a howl. A quavering, high-note howl that lifted me out of bed. (The dog, he can keen with the best of them.)

I don't think my feet touched the stairs as I ran down. I forgot the gate at the bottom and rebounded onto the stairs (nasty ass bruise) but managed to throw him out the front door before his legs uncrossed.

Such is the single-mindedness of dogs that after ten minutes of shitting himself inside out picking places around the yard to explode squat in, he bounced up to me hopefully holding a stick.

I tried to explain. "Doggie, it's four o'clock in the morning."
He wagged.

"It's dark out."
He whined and pranced. But... I drank dish soap! Because I'm stupid I love the little girl! I'm dumber than a box of rocks such a good dog!

"But I don't wanna.....oh, hell, give it to me."
He feinted and eye-rolled and did the butt-wag, overjoyed.

We played fetch for twenty minutes or so before I went back to bed. It was the least I could do.

On my way back upstairs, though, I detoured through the kitchen and tucked the bottle of dish-soap in a new higher spot.

Rosey and the Dog Of Very Little Brain? Are cut off.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

"cut off". Haha. So funny. Eliminate the supply!!!

Angewl said...

Gabby stays in her crate all night. She rarely cries or whines. If I didn't crate her at night she would be all over the place. She can fit through the baby gate on the stairs and she sits at the bottom and whines when I rig it up where she can't fit through. I have her a puppy pad in there, a blanket, some toys, her food bowl always stays in there and an old nightgown of mine. She likes having her own apartment. lol

Fetch at 4am... outside? You are such a pushover. lol

angelfeet said...

You're so soft, giving in to him and playing fetch in the early hours! We've got cats and they come and go through the cat flap, but sometimes we are woken by them chasing each other round the house, sounding like a herd of elephants.

meggie said...

What a good dog! You have to give him credit for holding out, till you let him out. He deserved a bit of stick throwing. But at that time in the morning... but hard to get enthused.

Sarah Louise said...

Wow. You are a good mom.