Saturday, 2 June 2007

Sister Mary Justice

We had a movie morning.

Cass and I were all agog over Operation Stormbreaker* (he wants to be a spy when he grows up now, natch) and then he wandered off to do pseudo-judo moves on the dog, so I picked The DaVinci Code to watch next. I wasn't thrilled with the book, but hey, why not, right? The kids were busy elsewhere....

Cass burst back into the room, calling over his shoulder "C'mon, Rosey! Mama found another movie, and this one will be cool with nuns and stuff!"

Nuns? Wha'?

He bounced on my lap. 'Does he have one?'

'A nun? Of his very own?' Vigilante nuns?

'Yeah! Is he a bad guy or not?'

I figured out he meant gun after a bit of snorting to myself, picturing cowboys with nuns riding sidesaddle behind them. High Noon indeed.

*Really, a good movie. Action, spy gadgets, cool stuff. Cass was very impressed and I liked it too. And the lead actor is hot in that sort of 'I would have really had a serious thing for you when I was a teenager' type thing.


kimmyk said...

I love how a kids brain works. They hear things and I dont know, but it makes me smile.

I love the church picture on your sidebar. They're so cool...

MsCellania said...

Oldest called them 'gums' for the longest time. He told my mother "It's a gentle gum, Nana." as we were making Way Too Big A Deal out of guns (as in 'No Gun Toys In This House!')
We still don't have gums, but we have plenty of swords, light sabers, and homemade gun like thingys.

daysgoby said...

Thanks, Kimmy! That's the church where we got married.

Ms - Same here. Oh, the pleading and whinging for a (toy) gun!
I have been told I am a mean, mean, Mama!

Spanglish said...

Oh I love the idea of cowboys and nuns riding off into the sunset...

Beth said...

I go to a catholic college (just like everyone else in Central America) and I think the next time I see a nun walking around campus, I will have to laugh. Thanks.