Wednesday, 6 June 2007

irritated grunt

Across the road from my workplace workers are re-shingling the roof, and the non-melodic thwacks! and pings! of the nailers are really breaking my...what?

Breaking my concen....what? (thwack!)


Earlier I went to the bathroom, flushed and looked out the window to see a construction worker having his morning mug and a cigarette on the roof. We waved - after all, don't you feel more comfortable being friendly to someone whose seen you whip your pants up?

It's a gorgeous day outside, damn it, and I'm not home to plant seeds or paint the livingroom or...cripes, anything. Can't it rain while I'm working???

Work is implementing a new computer system, so the week is rushed and crazy and tempers are high. Fun to be here. (thwack! ping!)


My float said...

Oh, wonderful days indeed. Bad tempers, construction, workers watching you as you visit the bathroom!

How friendly of you to wave back!! Perhaps you could have joined him for a morning coffee and asked him to turn down the thwacking. Or at least do it in harmony!!

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh... waving. Shameless. ;)

meggie said...

Made my morning! Good to start the day with laugh. But I am with you on the thwacking etc, one of our neighbours does a lot of work with a blasted compressor, & on those days I feel a wild urge to run screaming up his drive to flagellate him with a cauliflower stalk...or something!

Angewl said...

I'd of turned around and mooned him.

I hope your week gets better!

velcro said...

why does weather do that? Beautiful all week and then at the weekend it rains..even during heatwaves!