Wednesday, 13 June 2007

fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly...

I am not a sports person.
Have never really been one.

Oh, I played volleyball in high school for a bit, and I can watch football with the best of them, but as far as actually playing?


Cass has his first t-ball practice Thursday night. We realized yesterday he wasn't outfitted for practice, and so today I whizzed up to town and found a glove. (He's thrilled. It's black and red and the pouch thingy lights up if the ball gets in there.)

Before I left, I had an unsatisfactory conversation with B, who I assumed knew all about the proper fitting of sports equipment.

(B is on the computer. I am lurking in the hall while the children find their shoes and get ready to launch themselves out the door.)

Me: Ooo-kay. A glove. What size does he need?
B: They don't come in sizes.
Me: So how are they sized, then?
B: His fingers need to fit in it - you know, like a glove.
Me: But...does there need to be growing room? Or should it a glove?
B: Which hand does he need?
Me: Why? He hasn't lost one, has he?

B eyed me, obviously wondering if I wasn't sharing the good stuff again, then slowly and ponderously explained the throw with right arm, catch with left (and vice versa) idea.
B: Are you sure he throws with his right hand?
Me: I don't know. I think so. I'll have him throw something to me to double-check.
B: Just gets one that fits, okay?
Me: (clattering down the stairs) Should it fit over his hand, or over his wrist too? And what about the room to grow?
B: Look! The kids are waiting for you in the car! Bye, honey!

So...I hope like hell the salesperson I buttoned to assist me actually knew what he was talking about.

And I have a sneaking suspicion I'm going to have to start reading up on this stuff myself.


Stomper Girl said...


you could send B out to do the glove shopping.

Angewl said...

sounds like a good idea to me! lol

Major Bedhead said...

Yes, I agree with Stomper girl.

It's the way I feel about religious training. I am NOT going to do it. If you want it done, do it yourself. Otherwise your kid is going to have the same heathen beliefs that I have.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I enjoyed reading this post but have no idea as I 've never played baseball or related sports with any "real" equipment but stomper girl's got the right idea.

Liz said...

GRIN! Both boys are in t-ball this year. MB took T to get his first glove -- he was not even 2, I think, the glove finally fits now. I hope Cass enjoys himself and I'm sure the glove will be just fine. In the early stages I think the glove is more for looks than actual use ... and that one sure sounds snazzy.

velcro said...

I'm going to have the same problem as you when my boys grow up (except with cricket not baseball), only MrV knows as little about sport as I do

M&Co. said...

Oh you have my pity. I would rather stick pins in my eyes than have to sit and watch a T-Ball game! I can do the soccer, I can do the basketball, I can even do the track meets but god all mighty spare me from the T-Ball!

wordgirl said...

Ask a salesperson. It's what they're there for. And don't let B do it. You want to be the kind of mom who can say (later on down the line)"I got you your first glove."