Wednesday, 28 March 2007

rounding them out

Certain things a mom just has to do for her son.

Yes, the talk about penises and privacy (heck, just privacy as a concept) yes, the chew with your mouth closed - take your boots off - close the door stuff.

But the real challenge?

Installing a well-rounded love of the cheese. For every serious thing I teach him, I try to show him something corny and fun. Something I like.

He likes the Beatles, and Puff the Magic Dragon. He also likes (and sings along loudly to) Vertical Horizon, and Angels and Airwaves. (Ping! Point to me.)
I think I may be discovering a U2 fascination, but what five year old doesn't like to screech 'In The Name of Love' as they swing in the playground?

He also sat through three hours of National Geographic 'All About Rocks' or some such thing the other night - so now?

He's watching Godzilla Meets Mechagodzilla II. And laughing. Like me.

'Scuse me, I have to go make popcorn.


PBfish said...

I'm so not ready for the penis and privacy talk...
But cheese, I can totally talk about cheese.

Sarah Louise said...

It is important to instill certain "loves" into your kids. I am NOT the nature freak, I mean lover that my mother is, but I can recognize a sassafras tree, and I recycle as much as possible. She also passed on her love for crazy songs like "The Cannibal King."

I also like the Beatles, no doubt due to the Apple Double album that featured ten years of Beatles hits. I never knew Paul McCartney was in the Wings until much much later.

Jaade said...

I am slightly picky when it comes to cheese. Mozzarella, American, Monterey Jack, and some cheddar. I am a nerd.

"In the naaaaaammmmeee oooffff looooovvvveeee"

daysgoby said...

SL - My parents were peace/love and flowers types - needless to say, I heard every one of the songs on the White Album as lullabyes.

Latest trick? (And my conservative, turned-republican mother is going to HATE this)
I'm teaching Cass to sing War (the Edwin Starr classic)

Momma will be so pleased.

daysgoby said...

jaade - Welcome! no brie?

pbfish - You've got time.

velcro said...

the FB's already got the privacy thing down and demands it when he wants to go to the bathroom.
We've had the whole "mummy do you have a Mr Peepee" conversation, and have been asked (and avoided answering) how babies come out of their mummies' tummies.

ohhhhh soft cheese. I miss brie...

MrV has got the FB trained to say "the Fu Fighters are boring boring boring"

daysgoby said...

K - Cass wanted to know where I LOST MINE. He figured it broke off.

velcro said...


wordgirl said...

I instilled our children with a love for old Sherlock Holmes movies and books. Soup with cornbread. Cheese was part of that package too.

Stephanie said...

Ooohh!! As much as it makes me a little sad to see the babyness slipping away, I have SO much to look forward to with Bethany!!

Thanks for reminding me of that!