Thursday, 8 March 2007

grouchy with mother nature

By the time I finished typing the bulletin,
answering a few e-mails,
and returning three phone calls,

the day went from bright blue and bitter cold
to blowing snow and grey half-light.

Urgh. Isn't the start of spring supposed to be soon?*

Easter is approaching. At this rate, crocuses and jonquils will freeze before they actually stick their bright little faces up.

Not my flowers. I live in a deep freeze, 'member?

*Yes, I KNOW Nova Scotia has had an incredibly mild winter. That doesn't mean I can't be crotchety and complain that it's snowing NOW.


Liz said...

:-) We had snow yesterday. Beautiful, fluffy snow, it stayed on coats and gloves on the walk to school and you could see the detail of each beautiful flake against the darker background. If it had been December I would have been charmed. It is March, however, and I was mostly annoyed - slightly charmed, but mostly annoyed.

Erin said...

Our winter hasn't been mild and I am also very ready for it to be over. No matter what the groundhog says in February, I always know that it will be mid-April before I can really say that spring is here.

MsCellania said...

We've had snow on the ground since Dec 20.
Now? Tulips are showing their noses! YAY!
It has been One Weird Winter.

angelfeet said...

We've had an absurdly mild winter and I'm not convinced it's over yet. I think we're going to get caught out by a cold snap in April.

But today it is lovely, sunny and mild and I can't complain about that. Daffodils and crocuses abound and it feels just like spring, even if it a false one.

Caro said...

I don't think I could live in the snow anymore.

I'm a wimp!

Sarah Louise said...

My car is white. Not with snow, most of the snow from the past weeks and a few days ago is gone. No, my car is white from SALT. I must go to the carwash--tomorrow! (My car is normally red)

Ovah heah, we have barbequed the groundhog for saying there would be an early spring.

meggie said...

It is a grizzly patch all round as re weather. It is Autumn here, with hot damn days! Grrr.
My Autumn crocuses would be flowering, but the garden vandal ripped them out- "I thought it was grass"
There are times when throttling would seem too kind!