Wednesday, 7 March 2007

must keep an ear out for trouble

I've had my nose stuck in a variety of books for the last few days.

I read a lot. Usually multiple books (because I'm always setting the damned things down and losing them) and with no clear distinction on what I will read and what I won't.

Lately, my library runs have been short-and-to-the-point, since R doesn't seem to remember the 'inside voice' rule for more than five minutes, but someday soon I hope to get to pick books leisurely, instead of judging them by their covers and stuffing them in my book bag.

My latest two are a very well-written book on exotic species in America (did you know that in San Fran 99% of flora and fauna are non-native?) (And that doesn't count the people!) and a tattered copy of 'Good Morning, Merry Sunshine' which recounts a baby's first year through the eyes of her father. I'd recommend the first. Merry S is a bit - well, I think the author lost the joy in the project about half-way through.

But I digress.

No matter how fascinating I think 'Tinkering With Eden' is, no matter how drawn in I am, shouldn't I still be able to hear
  1. the scrape as the kitchen chairs are dragged over to the fridge
  2. the plotting and whispering
  3. the snorkles of glee as the cookie plate is lifted down
  4. and...the sound of the (now empty) plate breaking??

Clearly, I need to restrict my reading. The first I knew of any goings-on was when R tugged on my sleeve and wanted the dustpan.

Or maybe I just need to pen the children.

Anyone know if they would be considered native or exotics?


wordgirl said...

Exotics. Definitely.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Exotics are also called "alien invasive" species. Maybe they are local where they belong but they are certainly "invading" the cookie plate!

Stomper Girl said...

Definitely a sign of a good book if your ears close off. Another sign is if you yell at your kids when their insistent interruptions finally break through to you.

meggie said...

One of my friends, engrossed in a book, wondered what the 'vaguely familiar sound' was.
It was the cat, at her feet, unravelling a whole roll of toilet paper!
I never read in the toilet! But then we dont have a cat either!

Liz said...

oh a good book. I have been none to become so engrossed in a book I retreat for days on end and come out the other side wondering who these little people are that keep calling my "mommy". Perhaps they will come out of childhood with a love of reading rather than a sense of having been neglected.

Posybunny said...

After my third child, I quit reading altogether...too risky!

Molly said...

Well at least the little aliens know that when Mom is lost in a book they can be assured of uninterrupted mischief time, until the cRASH brings her back down to earth!

Jeanne said...

Like posybunny, I have been restricting reading. I read a lot less than I used to because it is too dangerous. Also because nothing gets done in the home until said book is finished. I just don't have the energy to start a book anymore.

BabelBabe said...

my oldest once said to himelf, or the walls, or the air," Will someone pleaase put down their book and play with me?"

Hmmmmm. Oh the guilt. : )

Liz said...

Oh dear. Checking back to read others comments, reread my own. I am now typing phonetically it would seem. That should be "I have been known" not "I have been none". Pardon the mistake.