Saturday, 31 March 2007

borrowing trouble

'Huh', he said, poking, 'what's that?'
I unwrapped my arms from around his neck and sighed. Now he wanted to talk?

'I believe you've been acquainted with those before, hon.'

He blushed. 'No, this hard thing.'

B found a lump in my breast the other day.

I had an appointment yesterday at the doctor's office anyway, so off I went, amusing the doctor hugely ('Do you have a minute to feel me up?') by having a small x marked on my breast in ball-point pen. 'Push here.'

He agrees with me - most likely a cyst, and we'll monitor it and see if it changes in size. If it's not gone by my next period, he'll send me for a biopsy.

(My mother and grandmother both have cystic breasts. My mother also gets small fatty lumps. I'm not terribly fussed.)

I told B the news, who somehow heard "He thinks it's a cyst and we'll keep an eye on it" as 'DANGER, Will Robinson! DANGER!' and spent most of last night distracted:

Me: 'Oh, look! There's the car commercial I keep telling you about!'
Him: 'Uh-huh. You know, we still haven't made out our wills."

Me: 'Ugh, the sauce is still lumpy.'
Him: 'Here - I'll whisk it again. you want me to feel that thing again? Maybe it's gotten smaller.'

I'm covered by his umbrella policy of things to fret about, and no amount of telling him that I'm not worried will change that.

'Sheesh. Let's not worry about this until we know we've got something to worry about.'
'But that's my job, Jess.'

'Now c'mere and let me feel your bump.'


wordgirl said...

Doctor's rarely go out on a limb to predict a good outcome (like a cyst)unless they're pretty sure that's exactly what it is. So...though I'm a worrier by nature, I would lean toward thinking that the doctor is right and just wait for your next cycle to finish. In the meantime...good thoughts are being sent your way.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I am sure you're right that there is little to worry about. At the same time, you can't tell me that you aren't pleased that Bear worries so much over you! :)

Leggy said...

I've had those too- hopefully its nothing to worry about, but its sweet that Bear is so concerned.

Sarah Louise said...

What everyone else said. Love what you said to your doctor.

Sending lotsa good thoughts...even if they're only to sooth your husband.


M&Co. said...

Oh my! Even if it is just a cyst, there's always that worry factor.

angelfeet said...

Just sending good thoughts. I'm sure it's fine.

meggie said...

My heart leapt into my mouth! I am with Bear. But I am sure you know your body.
What a lovely man he is!

Liz said...

I agree with Meggie, good man you have there. As Chief Worrier for my little tribe I sympathize with what he's going through and hope the best news for you.

Heather said...

I'm a worry wart to be sure, but I'd bet with the doc every time. Hope s/he is right and everything's ok (even my eyes are crossed)

Stomper Girl said...

What a great guy. Takes on the breast examination AND the worrying for you.

Hope it is just a cyst.

Posybunny said...

You sure have a good attitude...hope everything turns out well.

julia said...

Dood, he's not worried, he's just looking for a chance to feel you up. ;-)

I'm glad you and your doctor aren't worried.

Badger said...

I am sending good thoughts, too. I'm very cysty/bumpy in the boobages so I know exactly what you're talking about. The worst that ever came of it was that I had to get one drained with a syringe, which was no biggie AT ALL, seriously.

TMI ahead: now that I am old and have to get mammograms? I always squirt during the boob squishing. I know, gross.

So hey! You have that to look forward to some day!

Angela said...

{{hugs}} so glad your doc and you both are not worried. So sweet B is.

I have the lumpy boobs as well. Fibrocystic someting or other.

You are in my thoughts!

stay-at-home mommy said...

Well, it sounds as though your doctor is confident that all is well. I'm glad you went in to have it checked out. I hope it's nothing!

daysgoby said...

You are all so kind - thank you!

B is Chief Worrier here (Liz, I love that!) I usually say that between he and my mother, nothing bad is EVER going to happen to me...

Thank y'all again. Although I'm surely not looking forward to more mammograms now, Badger!

(Oh, and Julia - TOTALLY using this as an excuse to feel me up twenty thousand times a day!)

Suse said...

Blessings your way.

(Kind of in shock over the Badger squirt info. Await own next mammogram with nervousness now).