Thursday, 30 March 2006

recipes for crow

And because I was snappish and shrewish and ready to assume the worst yesterday, karma (bad luck? Somebody upstairs? Girrafo the kitchen troll?) has slapped me on the ass and gleefully called me Shirley....

B got almost done with the ceiling last night and noticed a few rotten floorboards. So now:

  • The sewer pipe needs to be replaced (where it runs through the wall in my living room, natch)
  • The entire floor of the bathroom must be replaced
  • The toilet must be capped off, moved, the floor replaced, replumbed and put back
  • All the ceiling tiles just put up will have to be ripped down

We will live like gypsies in a caravan, I think. A tent in the backyard?

I need to start drinking. What time is it again???

And nevah, nevah open my mouth without getting the full story first - or at least pausing first!!!

Yummy, yummy crow. Tastes like chicken!


Joke said...

Cheer up! The blender thingy is headed you-wards.


wordgirl said...

Mmmm..anything that tastes like chicken is a friend of mine.