Sunday, 7 March 2010

'Ears what's holdin' her back, Miss!

Today was a day where spring just seemed to be around the corner. Sure, there was still some snow, but it was broken up by mud and places where you could see the ground, and the wind blew sweet and crisp.

C and R ran about, finding new places in the forest to explore and heaving rocks into the pond.

It's nice to have them back on their feet.Coughs here or there, and they still get winded easily, but tomorrow - after two weeks home from school, they should be headed back.

Well, he will. About 4 pm Rosey burst into tears and began yelping that her ear hurt. I've never seen her so inconsolable. Hands fluttering at her ear and twitching so she couldn't lay still,  she batted off our hands and shrieked away ear drops. So off to Outpatients we went, R hiccoughing that she only wanted a girl doctor and not at all pleased when I said she'd have to see whomever was on call.

We saw one of the younger doctors up at the hospital, and some very kind and caring nurses, and came back home,clutching a purple freezie with cotton balls* in her ear, still unhappy but not in such pain. A red and swollen eardrum is not a happy thing. Now she's passed out, and we'll see how she's feeling tomorrow. Frankly, I'd love to see her go back - I know she misses her friends and the teachers and the structure of school, but obviously, if she's still in pain? She'll have to wait.

*Ear drops, Tylenol, and Zithromax. Whee!


Mary G said...

Our eldest daughter would have similar come-from-nowhere ear infections. It got so that I just phoned the doctor and he phoned the pharmacy. She was usually mostly fine in 24 hours. Hope that holds true for your wee gir.

Stomper Girl said...

Poor Rosey. Ear inflammations are sooooooooo painful and right in your head where you can't escape them. Hope she recovers soon.

Jeani said...

Hai, just drop this morning reading your blog post. And i hope she get well soon

Isabelle said...

Poor little thing. Hope she's better now.