Tuesday, 2 March 2010

dear people, I am grumpy again

part one of the whole grumpy mess can be found here

Dear Coca-Cola:

We got it. Canada won the big hockey game! Wahoo! Now STOP playing the commercials of the Olympics.
Everyone KNOWS whose game it is they're playing now.
Have a Coke and a smile my hind end,

Dear Viruses of Horribility:

For the LOVE OF CHRIST, LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE. Or at LEAST stop piggy-backing one another. Can I please get them healthy in-between attacks??

Soon I'll be erecting giant swags of bunting warning everyone that we are PARIAHS and MUST BE AVOIDED.
cough cough cough wheeze cough,

Dear Norwegian curlers:

I had a fever-dream about THOSE PANTS. Y'all are nice eye-candy, but I could DO WITHOUT THE HARLEQUIN PRINT seared into my brain..  
Du er søt, uansett hva du slitasje.
A fan 

Dear March -
I know it's only the second day. But so far, you kinda suck.
Just putting you on report.

I could probably quit you and not look back, y'know,

Dear Husband -
Beloved as you may be, asking me if I gave the girl Tylenol when I've been up with her since yesterday is NOT conducive to a harmonious morning. Of COURSE I would have given her Tylenol - if she just hadn't thrown up a dose of cough medicine and two sips of Power Drink.
I may just leave you to figure this out by yourself.
Enjoy that white shirt while you can,
Your loving wife (who has a hot date with a cool pillow)


mapsgirl said...

Sounds like your March is coming in like a lion. I hope everyone gets better soon.

Ya, the pants were a bit much. Memorable though, you gotta give them that. And everyone knows what curling is now! LOL!

Badger said...

Oh nooooo. Sounds like you had the same sort of February we had LAST year, when we all had plague for the entire month and it just WOULDN'T. GO. AWAY. Finally, after replacing all the toothbrushes TWICE, I spent a solid week spraying every mother-loving thing in our house with Lysol -- I'm talking doorknobs, light switches, faucets, toilet handles, stair railings, ANYTHING ANYONE WAS TOUCHING EVER -- and that seemed to help. Some. It probably gave us all a horrible lung disease that will show up later in life, but at least we got better THEN, you know?

So. Er. Hope you all are on the mend FOR GOOD very soon!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Did you hear that Canada won the ice hockey gold? Hahaha.

Happy being grumpy.

Jen on the Edge said...

Oh, poor you. I hope everyone recovers soon.

Stomper Girl said...

Dear Jess,

Phew. Good luck with all of that.

Caroline x

Isabelle said...

Dear me! How I remember that ill-children thing. Alas.

March is so far horrid here too. Just like Feb. And Jan. Where's global warming when you need it?

alison said...

My sympathies, Jess. We had the stomach flu/dysentery/ebola here too. Sure, it's a 12 hour bug, but 3 people x 12 hours = a week of hell. Hope everyone's on the mend soon.