Monday, 28 September 2009

teachable moment

I froze.

Look, look! There! See the porcupine?

He was gorgeous. Shyly peeping around the corner, fat and bristled with fawn-ish fringed quills, he paused near the woodshed and considered his options.

The kids oohed and aahed, then stood on tip-toes, watching our glimpse of wild kingdom in our backyard...

Bear strode past me, his arms filled with things to put away. 'Hey! Are you all taking a break?'

No, wait! You'll scare him!

B peered. He followed my pointing finger. He narrowed his eyes.
Then he sighed.

'It's a piece of wood, Jess, you foolish thing.'

I did it again. Unbelievable.


ree said...

hahahahaha. I would so do that.

witchypoo said...

Time and computer usage have scrood my vision. What's the sense of striving for a great camera if I can't focus the thing?

kgirl said...

I do that all the time! Mostly it happens when I'm up North, yearning for a glimpse of wildlife. I turn just about everything into a deer by the side of the road. Not as bad as the time I turned a sofa cushion on the curb into a dead body. It was 2am. I might have been a little drunk. The cops were cool about it.

Chantal said...

lol didn't expect that one :)

Jeanette said...


Anonymous said...

I once saw a bunny in a neighbor's yard during an evening walk. I pointed to it and said to Zoey and Jeremy, "Look! A bunny!" It was actually a decorative stone.