Saturday, 12 September 2009

early harvest

I came home from work clutching some fat ears of corn on the cob and a ten pound bag of apples. Gravensteins, actually, red cheeked and shiny, looking like an advertisement for Fall. B met me at the door, a bit sweat-stained - he's been trying to get all our wood out of the forest for next winters burning. Next week he's renting a wood splitter and cutting it into manageable lengths, then begins the long (freaking long)process of stacking and piling.

Last year we didn't get it all done and had to get our wood out from under a tarp in the yard most of the winter. That sucked.
So this year he's determined to just get 'er done.

I brought my groceries in only to pull up short at the wealth of apples already spread out in baskets all over my kitchen. It had been a beautiful day, and Cass and Rosey had gotten a head-start on one of their favorite autumn things to do....

apple-pick in the side yard.

This is approximately half of them. I tossed the marble sized and obviously wormy ones.
Stealthily. So no feelings were hurt.

There they were - a love note from my kids (and a hint, I think, for apple crumble and apple pie) shining up at me.

It was a great pity most of them aren't ready (by a long shot!) yet.

I spread them out in a sunny windowsill and we'll see if they ripen any more - and tonight I'll pull out the Gravensteins and make an Apple Crumble.

It probably won't taste as good (things picked with love are infinitely sweeter) but it'll be acceptable, I think.

Especially if I pair it with ice cream.


Loth said...

Lovely. I don't have apple trees (my garden could only yield nettle soup, at a pinch!) but I have apples from my friend's trees so I am planning on apple crisp tonight too! Yumm.

Jen on the Edge said...

Apple pie/tart/crumble with vanilla ice cream is one of my favorite foods of all time.

Debbie Rodgers said...

AAhh - apples: one thing that Nova Scotia does exceedingly well. I do hope you enjoyed the crumble.
(We did the same thing with our wood last winter, although some of it didn't even get under the tarp and was frozen to the ground most of the burning months & completely useless.)

blackbird said...

Gosh those are pretty pictures.
Those apples make me ache for fall!

Sweet Coalminer said...


kgirl said...

Very nice! I have almost a bushel of peaches to turn into jam tomorrow, but then my cold cellar will be in the clear and ready for apple picking.

witchypoo said...

The apples on the windowsill gave me the serious case of salivation. I remember picking and eating them before they were fully ripe, and to this day, I like my pears crispy.

Mummy Dearest said...

Yay, Fall!! The best time of year. We need to get out and pic apples as well. Thanks for the budge!