Thursday, 17 September 2009

two and a half hours

I looked at Rosey this afternoon and realized that Half-Pint lived at my house.

Time photo taken: 4:32 pm
(in mid-wilt - school is tiring on a young'un!)
(can you see the sloppy ponytails?)

So R and I went to town. And sent that Ingalls girl back where she came from.

Time picture taken: 7:09 pm
(with restorative licorice)

Bye-Bye, Walnut Grove.


Jen on the Edge said...


Meggie said...

Oh how gorgeous!!

Momma Sunshine said...

Hey now! I LOVED the Little House books!! lol

She's adorable. :)

kgirl said...

I do have a thing for Laura Ingalls, but man, she's a cutie with her new 'do!

Chantal said...

Awe what a cute hair cut!

Woman in a Window said...

What an absolutely beautiful kid, either way. Now, tell her to give me that Twizzler!

Maggie May said...

soooo pretty!