Saturday, 20 June 2009

garbled love

Both of my kids are goofy about their Dad. They clamor to sit by him, to give him the last kiss, to talk to him first about their days.

Today there was shopping and discussing what to do to celebrate Daddy tomorrow and excited giggles and much scurrying to hiding places to excitedly finger gift-type things.

Because they love to fuss over their Daddy.

So, from our children, written by our youngest:

Ha Perfat Hersday, honey. Much love.

And just...well, because damn-this-thing-is-cute, and because I can't think of a more convoluted way to say I love you:
funny pictures of cats with captions


Anonymous said...

The Father's Day card is precious! Cute Otters, too.

May-B said...

HA! Otter half. Awesome.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I is so stealing dis otterly wonderful picture. Oh yes, happy father's day to the Bear.

Woman in a Window said...

It is cute! Both of 'em.

Happy Father's Day Bear.

Molly said...

Aha! He's already been and seen! When I saw that cute otter pic I immediately thought of LGS!
Very cute.Happy Father's Day to the Bear who lives at your house!

Sandra said...

So cute. Your kids are the best ... sounds like they are lucky to have TWO amazing, amazing parents :)