Thursday, 7 August 2008

on a cold day they're ducks

We have a new kid-sized pool. And it's been a struggle to explain to the kiddles that 'damn it, it's cold, and you wouldn't go in there anyway' - so even though the day looked like this:

Rosey suited up and went for it. There was a lot of bouncing

and cautious dipping of toes,

and I was just suggesting that this be given up for another (warmer) day, when out of nowhere came this flash! and a splash!

and a kerr-rash!

And The Boy went in. Quickly, because it was really too cold. But he went in.

I think they think that if they pretend it's warm out it will actually be. I wonder if that ever works??


May-B said...

Only for children.

mamatulip said...

I remember once my cousin and I desperately wanted to go swimming in her pool. And it was FREEZING out. Like really cold. And somehow we convinced my uncle to take the cover off and open the pool for us - at first he didn't want to, and as he did he told us we HAD TO SWIM. No getting in and then claiming it was too cold and hopping out.

So we got in and it was DAMN COLD. We hung out in the shallow end until our lips were purple and then we got out, with our tails between our legs.

Joke said...

Mind over matter?


womaninawindow said...

HA! It never works but sometimes you have fun bouncing on the side and sometimes, just sometimes you fall in and then that is funny too.

witchypoo said...

Don't you remember swimming in the rain because you wouldn't be cold when you got out of the water? And swimming in the ocean when you were a kid? Because, hey, it was all about the swimming?
I wish you didn't have word verification. It's hell on old ladies. I always have to do it twice.

Jeanne said...

Yep, mind over matter, if you tell yourself it isn't too cold, then it isn't... and if you keep moving in the darn cold water, you actually start to warm up... so like, you could jump in a lake and do some long distance swimming and you soon wouldn't notice that you were cold anymore... But sit around and float... and well you freeze your butt off.